$32M in Ethereum Stolen – Parity Wallet Hack

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26 thoughts on “$32M in Ethereum Stolen – Parity Wallet Hack

    1. No problem, Jjust having some fun at Ethereum’s expense – I am invested in both BTC and Ethereum amongst others so I’m really laughing at myself.

  1. Now everyone will see just how impossible a hard fork would be at this point in Ethereum’s development. Bitcoin maximalist have a seat and pay attention because you’re about to get schooled.

  2. Time to fork Ether again. Then there were three. On and now they want proof of stake? That’s 4 Ether. More is better I suppose. Glad I don’t own any Ether.

  3. These guys are idiots. Ethereum didn’t get hacked, it was their wallet that got hacked.

    The same idiots that managed to get their crowdfunding website hacked with the wallet address being replaced.

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