5Miles & CyberMiles ICO & Blockchain App Looking To Evolutionize Internet Commerce

Earn 10-30% pm Safely Trading Forex On Autopilot

Largest drawdown during 19 years back testing and 2 years live testing is 33%

£15 monthly payment is the only up front out of pocket expense

20% of profits paid at the beginning of every month


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£1000 minimum deposit in your own ICMarkets broker account

Paypal account is required

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Jeff interviews CEO Lucas Lu and CFO Garwin Chan of 5Miles, topics include: a real competitor for the outdated Craigslist, a peer to peer buy and sell app, local 5 mile radius, already a large established business with 12 million registered users and 4 years experience, an upcoming ICO, decentralizing and scaling, CyberMiles, real-time digital promotions using digital tokens, the blockchain allows very low buy/sell fees, a smart contract platform for retail, leveling the playing field for market access.

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38 thoughts on “5Miles & CyberMiles ICO & Blockchain App Looking To Evolutionize Internet Commerce

    1. He’s just as much a scammer as jsnip4. They make big money pumping ICO-scams onto their subs. Maybe Jeff should apply to be a member of the three amigo scammers: Joseph Cosmides, Bix Weir and Clif High.

    1. Jeff’s alright to listen to … Just don’t give him any of your money. Ask him about getting Mexican citizenship in 6 weeks or about buying a housing lot in Galt’s Gulch.

    1. No, it’s not. BCash has sound and proven technology and it will most likely surpass btc at some point when a) the futures come in for btc (I’m looking at you paper PM market) and b) bcash is being used for daily transactions other than spam (read: manipulation) by all sorts of people. When you see entrepreneurs use it for daily transactions, you’ll see a confirmation before you might miss out. No sane person is going to pay 100x the price for a product + shipping price, let alone wait hours to get what (s)he paid for. And c) when the miners switch, things will get worse, especially when more people get in. The only thing that keeps bitcoin going higher is people holding and fomo’ing, being the sheep they’re that always have been manipulated so easily. Just like gold, it just sits there and does nothing. A lot of people gonna lose a lot of money with btc that are holding when they’re buying it. I wouldn’t touch btc atm, other than trading and I expect it to go higher. People say bch is just a pump and dump, while it behaves exactly like btc did in the earlier days, but people have amnesia. Will watch what btc will do @ $7500.

    2. I’ve taken a healthy hit on BCH also. Sadly I switched from being almost all in on BCH to BTC about 2 hours before the fork was called off. Then couldn’t believe as the rally kept going on BCH. Bought back in a bit too high and am now sitting on a ton of it waiting for it to go back up above where I bought so I can dump it. If you ask me that whole operation was a well-orchestrated scam to shake out a lot of smaller investors. It has taken several days of trading to bring my balances back to where they were before they pulled this off.

      And may I add… Flied lice velly good. The old guy needs to let the kid do all the talking. I can barely make out what he is saying.

    1. You kind of felt he was back peddling and trying to put a skew on it like he was right all along. I certainly don’t remember him telling anyone that we needed to move from BTC to BCH. In fact, all I remember is him tooting his horn about how great he has been at prediction. Unfortunately, I don’t think many folks except extreme insiders knew this was coming. Now if we could only get Poloniex to distribute our Bitcoin Gold. Thieves that they are.

    2. Jim Allen not really I just think that he was swinging so hard on bch when he was saying BTC ever since he existed why would he even give people that doubt of thought?

  1. This information series on ICOs and token sales is invaluable and unique to the entire alt/mass media space!
    I’ve noticed a common thread running throughout the tone of those commenting here to complain about Jeff’s work and reporting of late. Salty or bitter, I’m not quite sure but it’s one or the other.
    This is something I’ve been waiting to hear about for years! The 5Miles project is music to my ears!
    Ebay, Gumtree, Craigslist, et al have all stagnated in their market space and released nothing innovative in years. In fact, the opposite. EBay has placed more and more reliance upon PayPal, which just had to change. The crypto sharks smell blood in the water, and so do I!!!

  2. Nothing but a pyramid scheme! Bitcoin is based off of the same thing people are trying to escape, the dollar! What happens if the dollar crashes? What would bitcoin be based off of, confidence? Just like the dollar? It has zero actual worth, only faith. If the dollar fails, nothing will have value other than tangible goods.

    1. Lew King , I’m fully aware. Jeff and others like him have found a way to profit off of their followers and their fear. Nothing new, it’s how the greedy and selfish have done it for centuries.

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