9/11 Terrorist Billionaire Publicly Admits He Is A Moron When It Comes To Understanding Money

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36 thoughts on “9/11 Terrorist Billionaire Publicly Admits He Is A Moron When It Comes To Understanding Money

    1. Going to chuck my 2 cents in here aswell regarding a crypto that will explode this year /2018. KMD – komodo platform big things happening with that project Cross chain atomic swaps truly decentralised ico’s / exchange check it out

    2. Correct, currently EOS is an ERC 20 token launched on ETH’s network. So there will be a point when the “Actual” Eos token will be launched, you need to regisiter your EOS ERC20 tokens before you can swap them for the real EOS. It’s on their website. Just becareful because something is tinkering in my mind saying it’s over priced for their current position and the speculation is hyped. I’m holding a lot of EOS so I hope I’m wrong. The concept is amazing and the fact it’s free to use EOS if you hold EOS could see the price escalate quickly.

    3. Yeah agree, Ive watched a few dan larimar interviews etc and his vision for EOS is huge which is why i stacked a few to forget about for 12 months. EOS should be in everyones portfolio even if its a small position.

    4. Yup I know KOMODO very well, I remember that “ImPORTant Announcement countdown” 3 iddiots and brown curtain? haha. It’s a good project , I’m watching it. However Check out waves! It’s similar, however they are further ahead than komodo and are about to launch WAVES NG, (currently on testnet) following this a new DEX which looks like poloniex will be released. It might be worth holding a few in the coming months.

    1. Tony Smith Do people believe that? Is it not accumulating wealth to share it with family and to help those people who are less fortunate in whatever way we can?

  1. Jeff is just like Luke R in his complete denial of Israel and their connection to 9/11.
    Saudi is a scapegoat for Israel.
    Either Jeff can’t work it out or doesn’t want to.

    1. Scan Imal: That’s right. They want us divided but we’re on to them and we’re not falling for their trolls’ pot stirring. Plus Jeff has mentioned Mossad many many times before when referring to 9/11 and just because he didn’t mention it THIS time, suddenly he’s protecting them or pretending Mossad wasn’t involved or whatever.people are trying to nail him with. It’s ri-DIC-ulous.

    2. Looks like the Dollar Vigilante has been hacked! They would never let a message go out like this one with its very bad grammar. It’s obviously someone whose first language is not English.
      Plus, Jeff would never just pop up out of nowhere and request that people send BTC or ETH to him personally. That’s not his m.o. And there are no details of this opportunity which is also contrary to how Jeff operates. . Beware. This is a scam.

  2. Hey my friend Talal is not a moron and since we know that 911 was sn Inside Job Mossad Operation, we should not blame the Saudis, they are the ones the System wants to Put the blame on. 🙂

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