A Danger Signal Just Flashed for the Markets

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The markets are approaching an important level that could spell potential trouble ahead. We examine the facts.

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42 thoughts on “A Danger Signal Just Flashed for the Markets

    1. Stacy is right Anthony. Hold your cryptos. They’ll figure out soon enough who is right. Love the bubble comment from someone. 103 Billion market cap for the entire crypto market. That is dust. The stock markets have been shedding trillions slowly over the past two months and that is about to accelerate. Writing is on the wall. Global recession is upon us. There will be a liquidity crisis and possible further sell off of cryptos along with stocks. But crypto or digital assets will bounce back first. Money on the sidelines is waiting to come into digit assets. Latter part of Q1 will be bullish for crypto thanks to Fidelity Digital Assets, BAKKT, and Eris X.

    2. ​+borg386 I sold them all near the last year mania peak of 20 0000 dollars and made a lots money..I have no plan to buy back into it for next 10 years..Thanks for advice

  1. Welcome to Switzerland Alessio 🙂 Being from the Vallais I can just recommend you to visit Zermatt once to see the famous Matterhorn. Enjoy your time here and thanks a lot for your content!

    1. Lol. Not exactly but an interesting take. It’s only if markets BREAK the support that very likely we are heading into a bear market for the long term. But short term there could be a santa rally that eventually fails. Thanks

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