A Response to Pope Francis’ Attack on “Invading” Libertarians

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39 thoughts on “A Response to Pope Francis’ Attack on “Invading” Libertarians

    1. Now that is absolutely on point. Well said, especially when he never even offers to gift some of his money while at the same time lecturing others as to how they should give their belongings away. The Pope is a hypocritical man to say the least.

    2. He also runs us down for wanting to build a border wall while Vatican City has a huge one. That fish hat he wears could bring in enough to feed a small town for a month.

  1. The pope obviously realises, that in a world in which people are responsible for both their words, and their actions. We would have no place for either government, or religion. Both would be rendered obsolete.

    1. I remember someone in history saying “the kingdon is within you” and yet these thieves promote a God outside of you…..which one is lying??? Think about it long and hard and who has control over you and who has alot of lose if you think for yourself and don’t need these vipers!

    2. Vegas Dj
      I Believe in the Bible, and do not practice any sect of religion. You either believe in YHWH, The maker of heaven and earth and his son Yeshua or you practice Satanism. Just my overall opinion of religions.
      Their is no real “religion”, it’s all Satanism in one form or another.

    3. Joe Puffenbarger II that’s not what I said… putting words in my mouth doesn’t help. I also said It is my opinion. Did you know YHWH is one of God’s names? That Yeshua is Jesus’s Hebrew name? What did I say that you found so offensive? That I said I don’t go to the standard Churches like Baptist or Adventist as an example? Sometimes I really don’t get people!!!!!!! 🙁

    4. Joe Puffenbarger II
      #1) It was my opinion, I still have that right. #2) I was commenting to someone else’s posting. #3) I was TALKING ABOUT all the different religious sects. Not any one person. I think it’s all a misunderstanding or I wrote it out wrong. EXCUSE me for being imperfect, fallible and human. I don’t get people… This world IS GOING to hell in a hand basket.

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