Who Is Matt?

My Journey To Freedom

Hello and thank you for stopping by my FREEDOM blog…

After spending 21 years of my life managing and motivating people in the corporate arena I decided to quit when my dear mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

I made a 6 figure salary for many years and yet I couldn’t see the day when I would be able to retire earlier than 55. I guess it’s also true that I didn’t have the guts to walk away from that size of salary. How ironic that my mums untimely passing, quite possibly the saddest day of my life set me on a new journey to live life in the now with the freedom to choose what I do and when I do it.

Riches Come In Many Different Forms

Like so many other people I was in the money trap, placing value on material things such as salary size, cars, houses and watches… you get the idea I’m sure??

Now after spending 7 years online with lots of money draining mistakes behind me, today I am rich in other ways… I wake up when I want to, I go to bed when I want to, I work from my laptop which means I can be anywhere in the world and still work. My hobby/passion is my work so I never need to think about retiring because I truly love what I do.

This for me is what freedom is all about and I can honestly say if someone offered me a 100k salary right now, I would decline the offer and continue on my same path following my dreams. I thought I had to be a millionaire to retire but that’s not true… My hobby/passion is my work and now I never think about retiring.

I understand all too well that I’m not the only person to crave freedom which is why I have put this site together to show you exactly what I am doing and how I’m doing it. You will find that I’m involved with opportunities in various niches; some require very little effort and others a little more. Some require monetary investment some are FREE.

My true passion is helping peoples health and well-being using the wonderful things nature provides. This is what I like to spend most of my time doing on my other blogs Frequency365.com & Thehealthandwealthplace.com

Everything we do in life involves risk and there are never any guarantees. I took the risk on the opportunities I write about on my blog. I share my journey from the very beginning so you can see how each of them is working for me.

Currently I make an online income from the following businesses…

Making an income online is very much like having a share portfolio, you must spread your risk so if any business stops generating income you have others that continue making you money.

1. Providing online customer support for a natural health company
2. Affiliate income from unique products in the natural health niche and other opportunities
3. Income from the calculated gambles that I blog on this website

My goal is to inspire and help others achieve better health and freedom. I hope you enjoy following my journey.
If I can be of any help please don’t hesitate to get in touch matt_hodder68@yahoo.co.uk and we can maybe have a chat on Skype matthod1968 or the the telephone.

All the best