An Apology From The Dollar Vigilante… We Had It All Wrong

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29 thoughts on “An Apology From The Dollar Vigilante… We Had It All Wrong

    1. Not interested in what the SPLC declares. It is a nice word and we Kekistani are happy to use it. 🙂

      Please respect our culture.

      Peace brother.

  1. Thanks Jeff you newborn statist! Your confession made me warm and fuzzy from the love of our heliocentric global government! Welcome back to the herds of normal people 🙂 BTW- you forgot to apologize to NASA which is not massive fraudulent moneygrab for exchange to bad spacemovies but honest exploration of space, the final frontier! Which is NOT made in the Hollywood basement and totally exists.

  2. apologize about being wrong about the shamita, and all the dates you predicted about the banks collapsing and economic disaster. you fear mongering fool.

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