An Evening with Vinny Lingham (HD) (April 2017)

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Vinny Lingham, also known as Bitcoin Gandhi, is a extremely respected thought leader in the bitcoin ecosystem and insightful commentator on the bitcoin hardfork/scaling debate. His regular blog posts offer fascinating views on the bitcoin ecosystem. Vinny also has a history of founding successful blockchain companies, and is the Co-founder & CEO of, a new startup dedicated to solving the problem of identity fraud, Co-founder of, and a Shark on Shark Tank South Africa.

We are excited to have Vinny here to discuss directly with the community what is currently on his mind (Update: He will be covering the contents of this new blog post ), and expect a highly engaging Q&A. Don't miss out! You can see his blogs and learn more about Vinny and his companies at the following links:

and @CivicKey

and @VinnyLingham


14 thoughts on “An Evening with Vinny Lingham (HD) (April 2017)

  1. While I don’t side with Mr. Lingham on the best short-term scaling solution, I do appreciate his courage in voicing his not-so-popular opinion on that subject. I’ll continue to value his opinions for what they are… advice that I may choose to take or disregard… and I’ll continue to own my decisitions and accept responsibility for whatever actions I take of my own free will; we all might. ty madbitcoins and Mr Lingham for another great share.

  2. Thomas could ask that insane vinny lingham why the hell anyone would want to put their personal information on the block chain? What is the value proposition of this crazy scheme? But Thomas loves bribes too much!

  3. The genius who sold 90% of his BTC at $1100 and was advocating for the price to fall to $300 (for reasons he refused to share with us peasants)… No thanks

  4. Talks way too fast, which makes it tough to understand esp. with that accent. Turned it off after 5 minutes. Needs to take public speaking lessons from Andreas Antonopoulos.

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