As Bitcoin Breaks All-Time Highs Near $20,000 Its Future Has Never Been So Uncertain

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57 thoughts on “As Bitcoin Breaks All-Time Highs Near $20,000 Its Future Has Never Been So Uncertain

  1. With the activation of SEGWIT, Bitcoin’s block size has essentially doubled to 2MB. Jeff Berwick should stick to topics he understands…. which as time goes on seem less and less.

    1. Actually Core has 18 active developers and only 4 with merge access. It’s all public info easily seen on the Github. Bitcoin Cash has a bunch of totally independant dev teams.

    2. James Krokowski Bitcoin Cash has 6 complete dev teams you fool. Bitcoin ABC, Bitprim, Bitcrust, nChain, ElectrumX,..
      Dev names like Amaury Séchet, Andrew Stone, Peter Rizun, Sickpig, etc.

  2. you need to stop being so short sighted with the solution……

    if we increase the block size then it will only be a temporary solution. What happens when 10% of the population uses BTC and the block size needs to be increased again, and again, and again, and again and again!!! Until the block size is so big that only huge companies can run a node. Totally centralizing the system.

    8 mb block size is only a very short term solution

    1. 1GB generated every 10 minutes? Dude, please … how many nodes can support this amount of data? This will be hell of a centralized system, which we already have with banks, thank you very much

    2. Miroslav Parvanov Dude, the high fees are leading to centralisation, as investors keep their BTC in the exchanges, miners need to keep their mined coins in the pools longer and longer to move bigger amounts of coins at once due to the high transaction fees and risk getting hacked as we saw last week with nicehash, Lighting will lead to centralised nodes with lots of open channels (=banks), the Mempool grows every day, … The wheels are coming off BTC

    3. @Justice… LOVE IT!!! that’s one of the best metaphors I have ever heard 🙂

      Is 2x hard fork on 28th December happening? If so, surely this double block size will get rid of the back log?….(for now)

  3. I think that Jeff just made a deal with Roger Ver and bought many bitcoin cash and now want to pump up the price… Opportunist. A true anarchist NEVER abandon their own.. either we win or we die but NEVER let us be corrupted and bought 😉

    1. It’s obvious insider trading. I don’t get why they keep pissing off BTC whales. Look at the massive crash the whole BCash-Coinbase-CNBN bullshit has triggered. You are playing with people’s money here. There are anonymous BTC whales worth billions that are sick of the BCash nonsense. It’s like they are asking to get killed.

  4. I’m glad people are finding out about what’s really happening to BTC. I hope to switch to BCH or other coins are smooth. My favorite coin is PIVX. It solves almost all the problems of cryptos.

    1. Nolan Mayersky …keep your eyes open because they may try to crash the system to move people into a “safer” coin. I pulled my cash out of BTC before it started pulling back. It has never done what it’s doing right now. Was almost always in an upward trend, now it’s floundering and can’t regain momentum. I actually pulled all my cash from all Alts as well, even my LTC. Just too volatile and the downturns look like they are sticking. I was trading Forex before this and this was easy pickens, but not in the last two weeks. I have seen trading action that makes me believe big money is now manipulating the trading and pushing it down. I plan to buy in when things settle but until then I will ride it out on the sidelines.

  5. Bcash is own and controlled by one company Bitmain(jihan Wu) who wants to keep getting 30% mining advanage with ACISBoost because that does not work on Segwit upgrade. Greed by Jihan is the only reason we had these wars and attempt to take control away from core dev

  6. Jeff, I have respected your opinion in the past, but let go of the fight, which creates division in our new community…..IMO: both can exist harmoniously.   Roger Ver and his agenda, are creating a fight where there need not be.  There are billions of individuals on the planet and an endless market developing.  There is no need to fight, to argue, to compete.   All of this internal war is ego based.  I’m happy with BTC being a storage of wealth.   I’m happy to use LTC to purchase goods and services.    I would be happy to use Roger’s Bcash if he wasn’t putting so much negativity into the atmosphere.   But because of this unnecssary argument continually fueled by Roger, I have no desire to use or buy or invest in Bcash, I would much rather use LTC, because of its speed and positive community.   It seems as if Roger is pushing his own agenda, for his own benefit.   There is no reason for competition and argument, except greed.  And Roger is like broken record, simply attacking, when there is no need for war.

    Peace be with you all, and in the mean time BTC and LTC, I’m walking away from Bcash because of the constant negativity mostly from Roger himself….   His presence makes me want to leave the room.   Jeff step away from the fight, and walk toward unity.   If this thing really takes off, there will be plenty for all of us and no reason to argue among ourselves.

    1. Not to mention ltc will face the same problems. We have coins like Bitshares that can process 6000 transactions per second. The technology is old school already anyway.

    2. craig holliday ok I ain’t no programming expert, but can someone please explain why bitcoin core team keeps bitching about scale expansion? I mean clearly what is the actual threat of “Increased scaling” in btc? how difficult is its implementation? and seriously what are the security of transactions issue for it?

    3. Onchain block increases is a linear solution to an exponential problem. Increase the block size and you will be even more vulnerable to spam attacks. Just like Bitmain did to bitcoin to slow it down and attack it, but exponentially worse. You can put any kind of data you want into a transaction, so how do you stop spam when the block size is a 1gb? How does a messaging app become global by scaling at the tcp/ip level? Bitcoin is the same and it will happen with 2nd layer dev.

    4. Exactly you dont go away from the the CREATOR intended fucking dummies I smell AGENDA all over this bullshit and Craig is a fucking moron. Probably likes banking at Bank of America

  7. I would honestly say that litecoin would be the competitor because it doesn’t have just a bunch of idiots that are making rules it has Charlie Lee and he wants to keep it as close to Satoshi’s original white paper as possible! Just my thoughts.

    1. All Charlie Lee does is copy what core is doing. It’s basically the testnet for core at this point. So if you love what core have done with the coin then Litecoin is good for you.

    1. I can’t recall a time where Jeff has ever claimed to be a technical expert, can you? Not that one needs to know how the tech behind crypto works in order to use it….My 8 year old is able to use his crypto wallet on a smart phone to transact -buy/sell things…but he certainly has no technical knowledge about blockchain, writing code, cryptographic protocols or anything like that lol…same way most people know nothing about what’s under the hood of a car but know how to drive.

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