The Bank Can Legally Steal Your Money

Today the world is a very uncertain place and as I write on the 21st April 2016 a massive economic crisis looms. The mainstream media continues to support the illusion that everything is ok, meanwhile the alternative media explain just how dire things are.

Have you ever thought what would happen if banks went bust on a much grander scale than in 2008? Did you know there is a secret piece of legislation in all G20 countries that allows a bank to legally take your money if it gets into financial trouble.

When you have a share portfolio, it is prudent to hold multiple shares to diversify the risk.
When you work online it is prudent to have a portfolio of businesses in the event that one or more businesses fail.

Today in the age of central banks, fiat currency, market manipulation and fractional reserve lending, it is prudent to diversify from fiat currency into equally liquid assets that can be spent in the same way as cash.

How have I Diversified to Protect Myself

The first apsect of protecting our wealth is what do we do with the cash in our banks. I choose to keep a little in the bank to cover my spending and bills and the rest I keep in physical cash. It is always good to have a few grand in cash that you have easy access to. Any savings or spare cash has been used in the following ways.


GOLD – You can now buy gold online and have it delivered to your home or kept in a secure vault in various locations around the world. The gold you buy and store in a vault can be uploaded to a mastercard and spent like the cash in your bank. I opened an account with SwissGold Global at the start of the year and have been accumulating gold and silver ever since.  It works very much like a normal bank account and saver accounts are free.

You can get a free saver account here and then go and compare prices and quality before spending any money.
If you want to buy the finest gold and silver at the cheapest possible proces Swissgold Global and its CEO stand up to detailed scrutiny and its so easy to do.

Click here to find out more about gold


BITCOIN – I got involved with bitcoin by joining the Bitclub network. The beauty about this passive business is my bitcoins actually earn me more bitcoins. After 221 days in the program I have earned 4 extra bitcoins and $1500 worth of bitcoin in my wallet.

Click here to find out more about the Bitclub network

You can also buy bitcoins from various bitcoin exchanges. Bitcoin wallets are also free, can be set up in minutes and there is never any charge to move Bitcoin around. It can be even easier to get bitcoin if you have a Payza account because all funds in there can be withdrawn to a bitcoin wallet meaning you then hold bitcoins. I have a wallet with e-coin now known as I have bitcoins in my wallet which I can load onto the prepaid mastercard they provide at any time. This means that I can spend my bitcoins just like I can spend my cash.


SILVER – I wanted my slilver to be in a different place than my gold so I chose to go with a company that came highly recommended. I opened a silver bank account online and purchased some silver rounds. These are kept in a secure vault and I have a visa card linked to my account. I can spend my silver in exactly the same way I can spend the cash in my bank. For further information drop me an email.


INVEST IN CHEAP OVERSEAS BUSINESSES AND LAND – I haven’t got to this stage yet but if and when I do I will explain how I did it.


STOCKS AND SHARES – I’m convinced we can make money in troubled times and I will be looking to take a few low risk punts soon however this will only be with spare cash, I’m not looking to make a living from stocks because I think I can do safer things elsewhere right now.