Big Changes at Bilderberg This Year… A Good or Bad Sign?

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33 thoughts on “Big Changes at Bilderberg This Year… A Good or Bad Sign?

  1. Excellent report. Let’s see how the year unfolds. Will the marching orders be luciferian or will they be on the side of honesty and openness. You know, them and us we’re all born in this age and with the right to live free and happy. Now, remove the chemicals from our food supply.

  2. Thanks for the update and I have been on to Alex Jones for a long time. When he chose to support everyone but Rand Paul this last cycle was total confirmation for me…

  3. Don’t listen to this hypocrite Jeff Burrick – I say hypocrite because back in 2015 Jeff was speaking on the Shemitah when he knew next to nothing about it. He was just trying to piggy-back on Cahn’s discoveries and made a video the pumped fear into the minds of his viewers just so that he could sell an “emergency pack” based on the Shemitah collapse. It was clearly outside his field of expertise.

    But nothing ended up happening, there was no collapse as he predicted in 2015. Jeff also said in a video that if nothing happens he would not make any more videos. Guess he wasn’t true to his word. lol.

    For those of you that don’t know: Jeff is a false teacher, who makes predictions based on the circumstances and when they come to pass he makes “See-I-told-you-so” videos, but when they fail he silently brushes them under the rug. What a clown.

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