Billionaire Buffett Calls Bitcoin A Bubble Ignoring The Largest Equity and Debt Bubbles In History

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41 thoughts on “Billionaire Buffett Calls Bitcoin A Bubble Ignoring The Largest Equity and Debt Bubbles In History

    1. +Jason Williams there are people that make fortunes in crashes and there’s people that can weather them out without panic selling. The crypto space is no different than any other investment area.

    2. Eric P I agree with everything you said. My argument is Bitcoin is in a bubble right now. And in investing we both know that’s the worst time to get in. The real value behind all this is block chain. Nothing separates Bitcoin from any other crypto that comes along other than it made it big first. I’d rather invest my money into something that has a block chain patent and sleep soundly for the next 17 years and not care what the market does in-between. If any given moment Bitcoin threatens the US dollar, or any major currency, then wall street will shut it down. It’s that simple. Wall street owns Washington. We don’t live in free market capitalism. We are living in corporatism.

  1. Jeff you are a numpty, and the sooner you loose your cash on Crypto the better lol, it is a product of the NWO, buy Gold and Silver they have stood the test of time.

    1. “My precious metals would never be controlled by large centralized entities that wage war over resources, because they’re sacred and holy.” -Delusional gold bug who still has to deposit his fiat money into banks that turn those money into a “mirage” because normal people will not accept his precious metals as currency.

  2. Warren Buffet is too clever and knowable to make such a mistake. He is preparing to enter the AltCoins market and requires prices to remain flat or down.
    There is a little secret where Buffet is concerned, don’t listen to what Buffet says, look at what Buffet does or in this case what Berkshire Hathaway does.
    Let’s not forget he is a major shareholder in a TBTF (Too Big To Fail) Bank and an insurance company. Both, base their cashflows on what people use for savings.
    BTC at present is the most successful savings account for ordinary people without legal constrictions that unfairly profit these types of organizations.
    BTC is a direct competitor to Buffet’s cashflows!
    What would you do in his place?
    All his rant proves is that they have not figured out a way yet to play in the AltCoin sandbox without an unfair advantage so they try to talk it down till they do! Beware wolves are circling.

    1. The value of money decreases every ten years by half. It is called inflation. It makes sense that someone might create a currency that goes up in value. It would have value for that reason alone, and other benefits could be added to it, provided it to, would not go corrupt.

    2. How it is run is open to development. Bitcoin could buy some gold, every now and then. But back to money. Money should go up in value. You worked for it, and you created something of value for it. But money is being used by the scam artists, to make themselves money, by printing more. It is a type of hidden tax called inflation. I guess there will be cons and honest things as always.

    3. If an internet currency is created, that has an honorable foundation for it, rather than a scam, it can become valuable, but was is preventing corrupt people for getting their hands on it.

    4. As i see it from my point of view, the investment in Bitcoin is actually similar to gambling?! So for example you being clever invest pocket money and get or not get back the money, you still don’t get hurt but if someone plays with big money and of course looses them all?! Just asking for your point of view on this 🙂

  3. Well, even though I hold a bit of cryptos, the vast majority of my investment are in PMs. Gold and silver have been used for money for thousands of years and they’re very undervalued now if compared to the world’s money supply. Cryptos, on the other hand, have yet been existed for a decade and there’s now way to know if it’s undervalued or overvalued.

  4. Nothing has value until we (humans) give it value. The US dollar has value because the US government says it does, and the masses believe it. So Warren is right, gold has no value because the US government stripped it away. The US government have made efforts into making gold almost useless, no practical use in transactions. Warren doesn’t hate gold, he just recognizes our current reality. He’s also right about Bitcoin. People are only getting into it just to sell off later at high gains. No one will be stupid enough to actually buy anything with Bitcoin because you’re likely to lose money if the purchasing power continue to rise. *Bitcoin Bubble*

  5. 6:05 gold is tangible even if it worth $0, gold is still gold, you can use it as accessories and it is widely used as high conductive material in electronic industry, but $0 bitcoin, is as good as screen capture wallpaper of your bitcoin wallet on your PC and smartphones

    1. > “even if it worth $0, gold is still gold”
      So instead of losing 100% of your investment, you lose 99.9% of it… Which is pretty much the same thing…

  6. You’re spot on Jeff. Cryptos are here to stay so is the blockchain that will radically change the way we do business. This being said, Warren Buffet is obviously wrong about bitcoin but you do not have to call him an old senile buffoon or a very old man who was born before the Guttenberg’s press. We will all become old eventually (some of us will die before) and some of us will unfortunately become senile. We must respect the elder. He is still a bright individual who doesn’t understand the crypto world but he’s 43 years older than you Jeff. Wait till you get there. RESPECT. Never judge people because of their age.

    1. CHARLES lmao doesn’t matter about his age, he’s right bitcoin has no value. The value is in the block chain which will probably be banned and remade in fed form

  7. Dude you’re delusional. Warren buffet doesn’t necessarily have anything against crypto, he genuinely doesn’t see the value in it. The guys has donated the majority of his wealth away. Not everyone who said something against bitcoin is an unethical banister. It’s all in your head bud

    1. I agree, warren just doesn’t see any value. I think bitcoin is fine, but I met people who has become really delusional about their arguments, and they says it already. Bitcoin is about how much people values it. It’s basically like money, in the end a dollar is a piece of paper that people have already indirectly added value because of purchasing power.

  8. I don’t understand why this kid is so mad with Warren Buffet just because Buffet said his own opinion on Bitcon. I don’t care the how good the contents you are saying here.

  9. I rather stay with the old Warren, that has a pretty better track record than you… Have more respect for the best investor and a great person!!
    You lost all my respect dude.

  10. One of the most absurd videos I’ve ever seen … couldn’t watch it to the end. To “talk down” to Warren Buffet on matters of finance is like to question whether water aids in the growth of plants. Like him or not, agree with him or not, he is one of the most successful people with money who ever lived. To call him a “senile old man” who doesn’t understand economics and who apparently “hated his father”! is beyond the pale!

    1. Andge79 Yeah we know you are a fanboy, groupie of the elite. By the way watch out you still have a little bit on your mouth. You didn’t wipe it well enough…

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