Billionaire Investor Paul Tudor Jones Says Stock Market Valuation Is “Terrifying” And He Is Right

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41 thoughts on “Billionaire Investor Paul Tudor Jones Says Stock Market Valuation Is “Terrifying” And He Is Right

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    3. 247websolutions Check out Infinite Plane Society on YT. I think he agrees with you and goes even farther and tracks the roots of the control system up to Egypt and Babylon.

    4. 247websolutions He has removed hundreds of his videos to avoid confusion and promised to release a comprehensive documentary of his research next week. Take care!

    1. Things should have failed 4 or 5 years ago but look things appear the best in the history of the stock markets and this guy Jeff and other people talk about the manipulation in gold in silver but still nothing happens all of what Jeff says will not happen because the men in charge are in full control of this ship.

  2. The economy HAS crashed. You just haven’t seen it hit your area yet. Think about it, how much money do you really have? Apart from the cash in your pockets and stashed at home, what do you really have? A bank that’s promising to hold on to your money for you? Tell that to the Greeks. No way you will see that money. It is not there. You have been ROBBED. The economic collapse is worldwide, it is deliberate, engineered, and WE are the losers in this ww3-equation that the Zionists have figured out beforehand.

    1. Just a feeling. Have you heard about the New Silk Road? Look it up. See CAT earnings that blew out that caused the market to rally. They can keep this scam rolling. It will crash when THEY ( The powers) want it to. I predicted the markets would be up 10% a year ago. It could be up another 10% in the next year or two with a rounding top. Even then the big market crash might be only 25% from there because of the new silk road. Any Market crash 25-40% would be a buy. The world is not going to end. The bulls need the bear propaganda. They probably pay for it. Some bears are working for the bulls. It’s a hoax. See my twitter page in my profile under my name.

    2. No I haven’t heard of it but it is an interesting rabbit hole to dig into, thanks for bringing the topic to my attention. I’ll check your twitter out n give you a follow. 😉

  3. Nuclear annihilation, eh?..Do the math.. THEY claim to have ‘Nuclear Weapons’ from the fissile material (infintisml in amounts) which are mined in micrograms from 1 million TONS of drilling rock…So I ask you…How MUCH Do they REALLY HAVE? Versus What they “CLAIM TO”? It’s a GOVERNMENT LIE, it’s thermonuclear BULLSH!T.

    1. My Grandma you’st to say “keep your powder dry, your undies clean, charity begins at home and *don’t be stupid LEMMINGS like the last 90% investors piling into the top 10% of the market*

  4. If 90% of people think stock market will rise by next year, then I’ll take this leap and say cryptos will rise by 1000% at the same time that happens. And regardless of the market direction.

  5. Jeff, Ohh but wait,  the Baltic Dry Index was at it’s worst a couple of years ago and things were suppose to collapse….BUT Didn’t this is the casino and the house always wins…Jeff your Shemitah 2015 financial collapse never came either.

    1. +Indigo 7 No one man knows when Christ will return. Everything depends on the Almighty. However, Jesus will return, like a thief in the night.

  6. Lowering US business taxes will draw in US Dollars from overseas for investment in US entities, ideally increasing the money supply without the Fed ‘printing’ more fiat currency. This will allow foreign holders of US Dollars, to reduce their financial exposure to the coming US Dollar devaluation – indeed it may make it possible to have a ‘controlled’ crash, rather than a total financial collapse! North Korea is a ‘smokescreen’ to distract the US Public from seeing reality!!!!

  7. Hey just wait until the central banking goons roll out their own crypto currency called the “Fed Coin”…gonna be interesting indeed. But first they have to get rid of most of the large denomination paper bills in circulation.

    1. LOL!
      $100 bill is about all that’s out there and they are not what they used to be. 50 years ago I was a supermarket cashier. No credit cards yet. Never, ever saw huge families buy with $100 bill for food , or even hit that level.
      The only reason that paper is worth anything is because people hypnotically agree to take it from each other!

  8. Guessing it’s time to sell off altcoins and then just wait for Bitcoin to bounce upwards, before buying the altcoins back, and they follow. xD

  9. As far as equity markets people do not understand what has been happening and why those who have been forecasting a dollar and Dow collapse for over a year have been wrong. International capital flows have been steadily moving into these assets especially from Europe as the euros and the EU collapses. This has caused liquidity problems for banks there and if you control large amounts of capital you are not
    going to park it in a collapsing currency or banks with problems. This capital is simply being converted from euros to dollars and moving into the US. Banks in the EU have opened up branches in the US and have also been converting euros to dollars with most being parked at the FED as the ECB charges banks to park capital. Another factor is investors in Europe have realized that the capital owed to the Bundesbank by other EU
    member central banks thru the Target 2 settlement mechanism will never be repaid as most countries in the EU are insolvent and this amount is close to 1 trillion and rising rapidly. Italy’s central bank announced last week it owes a record amount thru Target 2 and it was over 400 billion and the week before over 300 billion and capital is being moved from southern Europe to the north with most being moved to the US and parked at the FED and the dollar and the Dow.
    This is capital flight as this capital needs markets with huge pools of liquidity and that has been both the dollar and the Dow and this will continue as the sovereign debt crisis has emerged in the EU again and this will accelerate thru 2017/18. This capital is no longer concerned about a return ON capital but a return OF capital. This is the
    disconnect between the real economy and markets.
    If we take a look at the S&P P/E ratio it peaked in the 87 crash at 50/1, dot
    com bust at 46.5/1 and the last crisis at 122/1. Today we are only at around 25/1. I have no idea where he gets his P/E ratios from as he is simply incorrect. With the S&Pratio at this level the Dow cannot collapse. The worst is a normal correction before moving higher and that is 23,000.
    Another reason markets cannot collapse is simply retail concentration. Since the
    advent of computer trading all collapses has resulted when there is a very high retail participation of traders and investors and when they get spooked and sell, price drops to a point where the HFT algos sell orders are triggered and off we go. We simply do not have that level today for algos to be triggered.
    The internet has been full of people making all sorts of claims and they simply do not understand international capital flows and most are not based on any economic or financial reality. There is a very old saying, “FOLLOW THE MONEY!”

  10. I still remember when Jeff Berwick was pumping everybody up for the financial collapse by using the ways of the Lord (Shemitah) and piggy-backing off of Jonathan Cahn just so he could sell his product.

    In those days, Jeff said something to the effect of, “If there is no financial collapse, I will never make a video again”

    There was no financial collapse, yet here he is still making videos deceiving and being deceived. It’s interesting because now he speaks of fear, but that is exactly what he did to sell his product.

    Im out!

    Oh, and buy his product…. hahaha.

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