#BIP91 Lock-in Party! at the World Crypto Network

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Largest drawdown during 19 years back testing and 2 years live testing is 33%

£15 monthly payment is the only up front out of pocket expense

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Not tied in for any length of time

£1000 minimum deposit in your own ICMarkets broker account

Paypal account is required

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Account Doubled in 14 weeks



The lock-in period for BIP91 is about to end shortly. Join the World Crypto Network for a lock-in party to celebrate!

Donate: 1FwhSGWTJuJfZcbKLbVfRJhkbjKzoMXXA5


32 thoughts on “#BIP91 Lock-in Party! at the World Crypto Network

    1. silkywizard Bip91 activation means segwit is engaged and marriage date is proposed for around aug23 (next difficulty adjustment). At that point we shall see if the marriage actually goes through or if people get cold feet. But at least we have an engagement! So everyone is celebrating the engagement.

    1. Ed needs our support right now, Bitcoin is an inclusive network. I want to take everyone with us. We are all important. It’s not all about the size of your node, eveyone should have a chance to be part of this. Keep blocks small and everyone will have that chance. Including Roger Ver, Jihan Wu, Craig Wight, Satoshi Nakamoto, Ed, George Soros…. everyone! It’s just that no one can take charge, no mater who you are.

    2. Paula Green I agree with you, Paula. Although I must say that you can only lead a horse to water. When you become a target for an agenda, inclusivity doesn’t necessarily change the stance.

    3. A horse will find it’s own way to water, but a pencil that must be lead. i.e. if the the hourse don’t want to drink, then it will die. And stuff needs to be a certain way, or it will not work.

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