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Bitclub Network – 12 months in All Promises Kept!

I’m now 12 months into my journey with the Bitclub Network bitcoin mining. This is a totally passive opportunity where we earn our share of Bitcoins everytime the company mine new Bitcoin on the blockchain. There is also a networking element to the business for people looking for a legitimate business to share with people looking to make extra income.

I’m pleased to say that all promises and payments have been made to my account on time. I have had more than my original $3500 founders investment returned and my shares have another 2 years to run on their contracts. Share never expire because we have a built in repurchase feature which means its a one off purchase of your chosen share.

There are some very big things are happening in Bitclub network in the next few weeks. The launch of the Coinpay merchant app which will revolutionise trading goods with crypto for people all over the world.

Bitclub have also purchased a new crypto trading robot which has delivered outstanding returns over the last 3 years. Shares are going to be available and could return as high as 10% per month. It wouldn’t take very long to compound profits into a substantial amount.

Bitcoin will play a big part in trade and commerce in the the future and Bitclub Network are at the forefront of this revolution.

Listen to the founder explain all about it

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