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I have ignored the Bitcoin phenomenon up until now however with Richard Branson and Bill Gates investing heavily maybe it’s time to pay attention. Plenty of my friends have got involved and hold Bitcoins. They use them to pay for things at various outlets and even certain banks and Neteller have started to accept Bitcoins.

Bitcoin can be used like traditional cash by using Bitcoin wallets that come with a debit card.

Obviously they hope Bitcoins will increase in value however Bitcoin is different in many ways and Bitclub provides us with a unique opportunity to earn passive daily income from mining Bitcoins.

What is Bitcoin and can it rise in value?

What is Bitcoin Mining?


Learn about Bitcoin and Bitclub by watching some more short videos here

When I looked at my income/investment portfolio I am massively exposed to a financial crisis especially if that crisis involves the US Dollar or the GB Pound. If money devalues as it often does I’m stuffed. Diversifying makes total sense for me especially if it provides me with a passive income.

I see Bitclub providing me with three nice benefits. An asset that is outside the conventional monetary system, an asset that can rise in value and also a daily passive income. This opportunity is extremely transparent and can be found in the mainstream media as well as some biz opp sites.


You can sign up here to the Bitclub for FREE and have a look at the opportunity without any obligation whatsoever.


Here is my Bitclub payment invoice


Do not follow me into this without checking with me for a current update on how its doing

  1. Opened a Bitcoin wallet with Blockchain
  2. Bought my Bitcoins at
  3. Transfered my Bitcoins to my Bitclub wallet and paid the $99 joining fee and purchased my $3500 package using Bitcoins.


Don’t hesitate to drop me an email to and we can arrange to talk on Skype or over the phone to answer any questions and explain my personal strategy.

Update: 23rd December 2016 – Day 425

Current value of Clubcloin is over $6000

I’ve withdrawn around 3 Bitcoin this year and repurchased over 6 bitcoins worth of mining share. A pdf statement of account will arrive in January with exact details.

Update: 2nd May 2016 – Day 240

Bitclub network has proven to be an excellent passive income earner and hedge against fiat currencies.

I’ve benefited so far in a number of ways.

  1. I bought my founder share when Bitcoin was £158 per bitcoin, it is now around £300 and this is only the beginning.
  2. So far I have withhdrawn around $1600 of Bitcoin to my other Bitcoin wallets.
  3. As you can see from the image below I have also earned an extra 4.1 Bitcoins from mining activity which is all taken care of for me by Bitclub network.

See Image for my current earnings

Update 22/07/2016

bitcoin earnings220716