Bitcoin A Gift From God? Anarcho-Capitalism Rising & Mexico Much Freer Than The Fasco-Communist US

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Max Keiser of the Keiser report interviews Jeff Berwick of in Mexico City about cryptocurrencies, anarcho-capitalism, the upcoming Anarchapulco conference and the Mexican business environment.

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28 thoughts on “Bitcoin A Gift From God? Anarcho-Capitalism Rising & Mexico Much Freer Than The Fasco-Communist US

  1. Anarchy Opitimism Jeff has been leading long before Bitcoin possibly since his banker days. He knows what’s going on… Bitcoin is a protest in a way to let the masses know that taking the red pill is the only salvation out of enslavement cult of the globalist. The best news I have heard now President Putin now embracing Bitcoin and working with Vitalik Buterin on Ethereum secrets right there. So the perfect time is now. here’s a hint after BIP 148, Segwitx2 Bitcoin might lose value by half. if it does, it will be the last time to buy in for average investors. So watch sharply August the 1st 2017. take that red pill.

  2. Jeff called the internet, bitcoin, AND the coming decline of governments. 3 for 3. Now that he’s on this health crusade, he will soon announce how we can all live forever… walking 5 Mexican dogs, every morning.

  3. This video is old, Ethereum hasn’t hit $400 in nearly a month. Also, Mexico did not legalize cannabis. Jeff needs to cut down on the coffee and colloidal silver enemas.

    1. The difference between gangs and govt is _the govt wears suits and writes their rules down_.
      Govt is just the biggest gang. If you don’t pay your protection (taxes), they send their thugs (cops).

    2. Good point, not generally understood. Private sector thugs are condemned. Public sector thugs are praised as heroes or excused as exceptions or well intentioned incompetents. Two standards for the same activity is hypocrisy. Without the hypocrisy govt. couldn’t get away with the harm it causes, couldn’t exist at all.

  4. Holy moly.. last nyt as I lay awake thinking about I this I had the exact same thought… Bitcoin is a gift from God. And no not Satoshi… I mean God’s hand has guided us here…

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