Bitcoin Drops Over $2,000 As Bitcoin Cash And Altcoins Skyrocket

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44 thoughts on “Bitcoin Drops Over $2,000 As Bitcoin Cash And Altcoins Skyrocket

  1. This is “normal” market manipulation of an unregulated asset which has been happening in excess since June, designed to shake coins from weak hands over the holiday.

  2. Okay, Dollar Vigilante posts a video questioning Bitcoin and at the same time promoting Bitcoin Cash. The next day Cash gets listed on Coinbase. That is just suspicious

    1. Roger Ver is his buddy. Bcash was 2500 at previous pump. Several months later it has not even doubled. BTC has quadrupled in the same time. Use segwit wallets for BTC – faster and cheaper transactions.

  3. Bcash is a long-shot and ultimately will probably never come close to unseating Bitcoin, but it’s still interesting to watch how it does in the market, and how they deal with scaling issues on the technical side. One day in the distant future Bitcoin may have to go down this road so it could be an important use case for Bcash to pave this way in this area. Remember this is experimental tech it’s less than six months old, you should not be speculating with Bcash unless you’re willing to lose everything. If you want something established with less risk go with Bitcoin and Litecoin.

    1. Nick Rodriguez Bitcoin is losing market share everyday. It’s dominance is only at 40% of the entire crypto market now. It’s slow with huge fees now. The bilderberg/blockstream group have done a great job in getting users to stop using it. Bitcoin Cash will be placed upon the throne as the true Bitcoin, according to Satoshi paper. Blockstream/bilderberg will eventuallly be defeated in their attempt at hijacking the peoples currency.

    2. Bcash/BitchCoin has got some major spammy con-men pumping it all the time, while at the same time they attack the bitcoin network and spread FUD. Also, they have the unfair backdoor mining advantage with BCH and control the code base so they can increase the supply one day. I’m putting my money on them!

    3. Yes, it’s possible Bcash will become the true Bitcoin, but what I’m saying is that’s a long-shot, as in slim to none. Also, hijacking the Bitcoin brand and trying to say this is the real Bitcoin is not a good marketing strategy. Because you can’t force people to use software, that’s what we saw with Segwit2x. It will backfire in the end.

  4. Jeff, your video yesterday was the most obvious example of insider information I have ever seen. You release a video FUDing BTC the same day BCH gets listed on Coinbase. Roger Ver speaks at your events and he obviously knew BCH was getting listed, seeing that he is the man behind BCH. Must be nice to be able to sell BTC at the top and help pump the BCH before everyone else knows it’s getting listed.

  5. Bring on the pretenders. Bcash will be exposed for what it truly is: 1) miner centralized 2) Short term scaling solution 3) Toxic community 4) Substandard development team

    1. If Jeff supported libertarianism, he would realize that bcash is a cancer. Sabotage is their tool of choice and they suck pretty bad at it too. The pump this time isn’t higher than last time. The immunity to forks and shitcoins will only get stronger every round. Keep em coming scammers.

    2. Of all the coins too. I mean if you are going to leave atleast go for Monero. As you said this is mining centralized and will make it nearly impossible for individual users to run a node and verify the network.

    1. Well, we’ll have to wait a bit and see about this one. So far, so very good! Also Ripple team is probably one of the best, if not even The best in the industry! They’re constantly hiring some really remarkable people out there. And by the way – one who laughs last, laughs best!

    2. It’s true, I’m not sure ripple even belongs on the list since it’s centralized. However ripple has been around since before bitcoin and was a leap in fintech for its day.

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