Bitcoin Has Been Compromised! Learning How To Protect Yourself With Victurus Libertas

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Jeff appears on Victurus Libertas, topics include: there is no way Bitcoin is a covert operation or psy-op of any kind, Bitcoin can only undermine state power, attacking the root of power, government blockchains, the war on cash, and end to inflation, Ripple the bankster coin, another exiting year in crypto, Bitcoin transaction fees and speed, Core vs Cash, reduction in Bitcoin usage, all the details on the upcoming Anarchapulco conference

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54 thoughts on “Bitcoin Has Been Compromised! Learning How To Protect Yourself With Victurus Libertas

  1. Why don’t these people actually learn to program? The only thing that can be controlled by the elite are the mining farms and the market price by pumping and dumping. As long as the mining farms are safe, crypto-currency cannot be controlled. The only way a crypto-currency can be controlled is if that crypto-currency has been specifically designed to only be transferred through servers that have the private key. The private key for Bitcoin is open to anyone and therefore anyone can mine and be responsible for transactions.

    1. When they control the mining farms, they get to choose which transactions to include in the blocks they mine.
      If you set up a bitcoin full node on your $2000 desktop computer to attempt to process your own bitcoin transaction, you will likely never succeed. The chance that your machine will get to process a block is probably less than the chance of you winning the lottery.

    2. Only 56 companies mine 80% of the worlds bitcoin. At any moment they can all get together and switch what they mine overnight and basically control price fluctuation. It’s been happening for years.

  2. The name Satoshi can be defined as “born from the ashes”.

    Craig Wright, a guy who was thought to be the real Satoshi Nakamoto, said this:

    *‘What about Satoshi?’ ‘
    It means “ash”,’ he said.
    ‘The philosophy of Nakamoto is the neutral central path in trade. Our current system needs to be burned down and remade. That is what cryptocurrency does – it is the phoenix …’
    ‘So satoshi is the ash from which the phoenix …’
    ‘Yes. And Ash is also the name of a silly Pokémon character. The guy with Pikachu.’ Wright smiled. ‘In Japan the name of Ash is Satoshi,’ he said. *

    1. Patrick Dubs AI can’t and won’t change anything on this. So-called “AI”, machine learning, is just really fast pattern matching. It will continue to be used in more facets of computing, but it’s not some amazing intelligence that will evolve and take over, or “break into” everything, or become self aware, or take away the skilled jobs and trades that will always require humans. In the end, it’s still just software. Nothing will change that.

      Not sure _what_ you think “AI” will “control”, but it’s not what you think. At all. Just more mindless speculation by people who know nothing about the technology.

  3. There is so much bull talked by many people who have no idea what they are talking about its an absolute pleasure to listen to Jeff. If i was asked who is the one person who i would like to sit and have a beer with it would be this man.

    1. I am saving up to do exactly that my friend. I am sick and tired of the banksters ruining peoples lives. Its time for crypto warriors to lead from the front. I am not stupid enough to believe that they wont target my hypnotherapy business. Its already happening but i wont back down. Its time for ordinary people to take back this world which we live in. I wish you and your family a safe and prosperous 2018.

    2. I am sure Jeff would chat with you; but he stopped drinking. He’s into fasting and sungazing now. How cool is that, … it’s way cool, i know cause he inspired me to try them. Not much sun in France these days tho ~ bummer.

    1. Emmanuel A. Blockstream is not a CIA op lol. At least not the original one. One of the variant cryptos’ blockchain might be, but Bitcoin didn’t originate from them.

    2. It’s funny how BCash retards automatically assume that if you aren’t pumping their shitcoin you support Blockstream.

      BCash is an actual CIA operation by trying to centralize nodes into corporations. You seriously need to kill yourselves.

    1. Bitcoin Cash’s larger block approach makes it much more expensive for node operators to operate and maintain a copy of the blockchain — requiring them to have more network bandwidth, hard drive space, processing power, and computer memory. This leads to a comparative reduction in the number of hobbyist nodes and miners securing the network, giving more power to larger and more centralized entities on the network.

  4. Jeff the con man pumping his brother Roger Ver’s crap coin BCash. Now their argument is BTC forked from BCH and BCH is the real Bitcoin. Lmao! These guys are unbelievable. Remember this is the guy who was pumping his memberships because of the Shemitah. Ya. Good call Jeff. Not!

    1. Bcash has merits but the deployment was unnecessarily aggressive and hostile which lead to any perceptive person knowing to at the very least be wary of it. Roger and his vile band of convention friends hate the name bcash as it does not include bit in it, without the word “bit” in the name it is just another coin in the ocean, which probably cant stand on its on two feet.

      Furthermore when was the last time you saw “bitcoin cash accepted here” not often I bet essentially giving it worse problems than bitcoin core, high fees trump not being able to transact at all. Adoption would grow in time? probably not with the negative stigma attached to bitcoin cash caused by its own marketers and drama caused within the crypto space.

    2. Because all the sheeple jump into it ..because they heard it their TV idiot box … not realizing how slow and expensive it is. This is why i love LiteCoin.

    3. Because the banksters are pushing up the price so greedy slaves will cut their own throats, by welcoming in their own “block” and “chains” around their necks (NWO money). People are so fucking stupid, they even give you all the information and people still don’t see it. 13 bloodlines of the illuminati is the giant “B” on the front of the coin. Still as a bitcoin holder and investor, I’m vigilant and ready to move to Bitcoin Cash or Monero if needed.

    4. You might be right, but why they would lie if they are already made themselves rich, particularly the guy called Roger Ver. I am learning how and what cryptocurrency but will invest ONLY $100. Which site would you recommend to buy it. Thanks.

  5. im not a Noob! been in Bitcoin since 2010 paid $20 for my first token…. fees were reasonable but i never sold.. btc is a store of value and if the fees have to remain high so be it… as for bitcoin cash, bch is NOT Bitcoin, its a generic Alternative coin masked as and faked out and marketed as the ‘Real Bitcoin’… the owner made his fortune from Bitcoin and is now trying to take over his own copied brand for himself… bch should b ashamed of themselves for deceiving the NOOBS the bch is really Bitcoin…
    be happy for high fees, it just means Bitcoin is the real and most valuable… Bitcoin going to $100,000 this year! … how much is predicted for b cash? …do ur homework and dont believe in young guys with pretty smiles to persuade u… buy real bitcoin and hodl… remember to pay ur taxes also its all traced from IRS..
    for more info watch Max Keiser interview with Richard Heart for the juicy details!

    1. I’d like to believe that Satoshi Nakamoto wanted there to be universal access to Bitcoin. Unfortunately, with $20-30 fee for a transaction, most people in developing countries can no longer afford to participate in the network. Bitcoin is now only accessible to the rich, and that is why I have no problem with alternative currencies such as Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin or DASH which give everyone the opportunity to get involved and participate in the new economy. I hope the Bitcoin developers get the Lightning network operational this year, but in the meantime these other currencies are much more accessible to poorer citizens.

    2. brennanhm The high transaction fees currently were considered and foreseen by “Satoshi”. The brilliance of blockchain is that these high fees are a result of BTC’s massive value and growth. The high fees actually are helping BTC grow exponentially towards it’s true value and bringing down the central banking system. The real panic of the centralized system is that BTC has taken away hundreds of billion dollars that were being invested in their system (stocks, futures, commodities) and are now being invested in BTC and crypto which is out of their control. Eventually once crypto market caps surpass the level of their entire system they are going to have yo adapt. We dont need them or their shitty system. They cant stop it or sink it. Eventually there will be a government that is blockchain based and realizes that it represents the people..not the banks. Thos government wont operate like THEIR corrupt stooge governments do. They wont have influence over it and they would try to destroy it through war, pestilence, coup, yada yada. But BTC would just continue to grow and eventually one will hold up that can defend itself and take THEM out. It’s already happening. The world is just in transition. Have no fear…BTC cannot be sunk because it is essential to our freedom and survival from global tyranny. Just hang on and enjoy the ride. BTC can only dip so far and then people are now rushing to buy in and every $20-30 transaction fee paid is like a little spike into the coffin of crooked central banking. It’s actually teaching people to save wealth in something that cant be taken from them. The funny thing is that the biggest growers of BTC wealth are the central bankers. By their own crookedness they shall fall. RIP

    3. Bitcoin is going to fail especially with your thinking. NO ONE will use it with high fees. Something faster and cheaper will take over… You’re just as clueless as the core developers.

    4. Dex4Sure Does BTC need to be used to buy tons of crap to be valuable? Apparently not. People do not want to buy things like bread and pizza with Bitcoin mostly because of high transaction fees and wait times but also because in a year or two the value of BTC is likely to be much higher…and who wants to have paid $40k for a loaf of bread?
      Yet BTC transactions are happening all over the world and everyday. But people are buying mansions, lambourghinis, yachts and other thjngs with BTC. These people do not mind the transaction fees or the wait times to exchange. These are private transactions and yes it is probably money laundering or evading taxes in part or whole.
      Sure there are cryptocurrencies that are designed to function differently and be more fluid as currencies..and that is cool…but you havent grasped the resilience of Bitcoin and why it is and will remain the keystone of crypto. There is a saying…what doesnt kill you makes you stronger…each time they try to kill BTC it simply grows in value. Right now there are muslim religious edicts coming out from corrupt governments and leaders calling Bitcoin “unclean” and warning people to stop using it. Because they cannot stop it. Because THEY cant control it and they are not getting a piece of the pie and because they cant easily see everyone’s financial records when it comes to crypto. So they dont like it..but these are the same crooks that have gotten used to robbing their people on a regular basis through taxation and changing the law to keep themselves filthy rich and yet keep the citizens poor or paying the debts they rack up.

  6. Come on Jeff. Shilling for ver?? Centralized shill coin. I thought you were independent. tsk tsk. Spend some time listening to James Lopp and get enlightened. Baby steps people.

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