Bitcoin Hits All-Time High and Smashes Through $5,000 As The Rothschilds Get Out Of The Stock Market

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51 thoughts on “Bitcoin Hits All-Time High and Smashes Through $5,000 As The Rothschilds Get Out Of The Stock Market

  1. Looks like television programming really works! The American people will be watching baseball all weekend long. Most Americans have no idea what Fiat Currencies.

  2. The Debt ceiling is all you need to know that our representative government is a complete fraud, nothing but a bunch of Kabuki Theater.

    Most meaningless thing on the planet. LMAO Debt CEILING.

    1. Jake Wilson, thanks I appreciate it, this new lighting network looks to be very dangerous, I hope Jeff berwick discusses it at some point, but seeing as how he’s just so enamored with all the rises in crpto lately I doubt he will.

  3. Wow, it’s all going to be worthless. Trust not in your gold or foolsgold, but trust in the Lord Jesus Christ before it’s too late. When the crap hits the fan and when Jesus returns, those who turned their back on him and built shelters in caves will throw their gold in the streets at His coming and will cry for the rocks to fall on them as if they will be able to escape his presence, wake up foolish people.

    1. I’m pretty sure people have been shouting about Jesus coming back for 2000 years, kinda like how people have been shouting Bitcoin is a scam since it was $10.00. I hate to rain on your parade but nobody is coming to save you, you must save yourself. I have no doubt that there’s a creator or creators of life but unfortunately you didn’t just happen to be lucky enough to be born into the only true or spiritually correct culture in the world and to assume so is totally illogical. There’s always a Jesus obsessed one in every comment section pushing their cult on others as it is a very effective cult built on fear and hope. Just look at all the wars fought by fellow Christian cult members who are under the illusion of flags, borders and government indoctrination. Wake up people and deprogram yourselves from your local cult so we can make a better world for the next generation….

    2. Revealanation 777
      “Jesus Christ has never failed me yet, I choose Him, oh the amazing things He has done in my life, including Peace, Joy, Comfort, and Hope”

      You speak as though some guy that is in your head is helping you live your life. You can take the credit, you gave yourself a happy life so be proud of your accomplishments. If your beliefs helped you then great but karma works for good people who don’t believe in the Christian religion just as well.

    3. It’s ok then to give your money to bitcoin. It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.” Giving money to companies through ICO’s is the work of a true martyr.

  4. you guys have no idea what’s coming playing around with quasi $, game tokens that will be controlled by a global debt instrument. doesn’t matter the dollar value, there is NO store of value in this. its sheer speculation. there is nothing in the world that ever experienced such large, fast increases. better sell! who do you think in their right minds will buy a FAKE GOLD asset like bitcoin when they can buy a REAL GOLD piece for $1300. Gold (& silver) is Money. Every, EVERYTHING ELSE, is CREDIT. last call before a $2k collapse of BitCoin…

    1. NotSure…..not sure 98% of the people you know what is really happening with present currencies and its declining factors which is controlled by Central Banks

  5. What’s up Jeff. Please review NXS coin (Nexus earth). I think it may be a hidden gem. They are the ones hosting the nexus conference in aspen in 2 weeks where you will be speaking.

    1. sean, at the “current” bitcoin price of 5 K$ US the ratio should be at least 1:1. Since the international gold market is incomparable to current bitcoin market from several points of view, not only in vastly bigger gold capitalisation but also in enormous suppression of gold (and silver) prices, and better not mentioning the gold market’s “centralised control”, we can easily say the fair price for gold today would actually have to be around 10 K$, or even better – 20 K$ or more, if you take into account all the debt out there …

  6. I bought eos because of you! You have been shouting like ‘buy eeeooosss , this is your second chanceeee, second ethereuuuuummmm!!!’ I hope u get paid well from us!

    1. Pushing his expensive newsletter to tell you to by EOS the so called “etherium killer” which took a sh*t in Aug and now Sept. But no mention of that. I used to believe this guy but see he is full of sh*t. Anybody who bought BTC early can say the same sh*t he says.

  7. That’s right, keep promoting digital currencies – keep promoting the instrument that will be used to enslave you as nothing else before in history. Keep on, FOOL!

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