Bitcoin News #32 – China oversight, Coinbase now likes SegWit, Lightning Alpha

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Bitcoin news for the week of Jan 9th with your hosts @theonevortex @tonevays @AnselLindner @MrChrisEllis sharkybit and special guest @AlenaSatoshi

Questions for special guest:
-For tone and Alena, how is the conference going?
-How did you first get into bitcoin
-What makes trezor unique among the hardware wallets?

-China’s increased oversight and how this rally is different from 2013
-Is Bitcoin digital gold or digital cash?
-Coinbase now supporting segwit and still fighting IRS
-Lightning Alpha Released
-Will 2017 prove blockchain was a bad idea?

Special shout out to Andrew DeSantis @desantis: We hope you are doing well.


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29 thoughts on “Bitcoin News #32 – China oversight, Coinbase now likes SegWit, Lightning Alpha

  1. Great Content guys. There so much hyped up or irrelevant crap on you tube
    about Cryto currencies. It’s nice to hear and see some intelligent
    conversations in this space. Great work!

    1. You don’t want it to, and neither do I. I would see that as a signal that
      something really bad has happened. Alot of people get hurt when the train
      leaves the tracks.

  2. Vortex, dude you gotta change the day & start time to this show to Sunday
    afternoons about the time you started it today. Think about it, you’d get
    the likes of Chris Ellis & others from Europe on more often as they are 8-9
    time zones away from you.
    Great guests & insights here. Keep up the enlightening content. Cheers!

  3. I was fiddling around on my phone and then Chris Ellis came on and I
    immediately put the phone down. He is a powerful thinker. Its been nice
    watching him over the years. He will be an important figure in this space
    and others as i look into my crystal ball

  4. What the banks are going to need to do for their transactions is contribute
    to publicly implemented/established standards so that they can interact
    with each other.

  5. I’m not a programmer so I cannot completely understand the frustration of
    programmers interacting with non-programmers, but there have been a lot of
    time programmers have completely missed the mark when it comes to economics
    and business development. I like the show and want to see bitcoin grow so
    for what it’s worth [SPOILER ALERT: UNSOLICITED ADVICE AHEAD] I would
    recommend exercising more caution before saying whole demographics have “no
    say” on a subject… if nothing else than it doesn’t look good from an
    aesthetic/personal marketing viewpoint.

    EDIT: I am long time a subscriber and “thumbs up’d” this video.

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