Bitcoin News #36 – Bitcoin ETF Denied, Vault 7, Bitcoin Realism

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Bitcoin news for the week of March 6th with your hosts @theonevortex @desantis @MrChrisEllis @jimmysong and special guest Alan Silbert!

-Bitcoin ETF Denied
-Vault 7
-Bitcoin Realism



24 thoughts on “Bitcoin News #36 – Bitcoin ETF Denied, Vault 7, Bitcoin Realism

  1. “Arguing that you don’t care about the right to privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different than saying you don’t care about free speech because you have nothing to say.”

    – Edward Snowden

    1. Great show!! I have been watching You since few months and slowly get more and more bored but that was awesome! Finally real discussion not everyone agree with everyone like usually

  2. Cool show guys, Chris: talk to Tone about puttung out an episode or two on Full Nodes. Maybe a Q&A in the live chat too. I will sump up $10 of BTC donaion, I know it’s not much but i live on less than that per day so i will just have to go hungry that day. I’m sure others will donate too. Warm wishes Guys and don’t over do it on the twinkies Chris : )

  3. Winklevi are kind of old money, blue bloods – they make money even when they piss it away on regulatory bs. They make it by getting fame, they have investments paying out wealth, funds … sure they didn’t win big but they won some kind of place at some table. Who knows, maybe they even got paid off just to do this in a half-assed way so it failed

  4. Sweden has 2 ETNs same company just Krona or Euro XBT XBTE, but these are NOT ETFs. ETF different than ETN, do own DD. Apples/berries. Also $ based GBTC trust. Don’t mislead with partial information.

    1. Government is a monopoly on violence. It has nothing essentially to do with money. Fiat money is a government program, but not a necessary one. Fiat is a somewhat new concept in the history of civilization.

    2. wideernie The 2 party system fetishizes the binary you describe. Saying “government is government” of course means nothing. Without the imaginary power, imbued by the Social Contract which is neither a contract, nor socially beneficial, upon a small central group to use force to control the population, government is nothing; Nothing at all. Government is what happens when free will and self determination is removed from humanity.

  5. Vortex, you’re improving every time. The energy is great. As a viewer I encourage moderators like you to keep interjecting to keep the shape of the show, and don’t be afraid to interrupt when a speaker goes off track. Remember the audience and viewers are the ones driving your channel growth. And remember production and content quality comes in many forms. Just keep bringing the value.

  6. As an excited Nüb in the space (6 months) I’d love to come on your show to help ask the questions that I believe will help adoption of bitcoin. I’m an entrepreneur and I love Bitcoin. I feel more people will adopt it and use it if more issues are cleared up.

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