Bitcoin News #40 – Bitcoin Price Rise, NChain, Jihan Wu & Segwit

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Bitcoin news for the week of May 1st with your hosts @theonevortex @miketwenty1 @AnselLindner @sharkybit @desantis and special guest @dieguito!

-Thanks to everyone who signed up for my consulting service so far. I've been having a great time speaking about bitcoin to you in a 1 on 1 personal setting.

First Half Topics:
-Bitcoin price – Bitcoin is on another tear taking the world by
storm with it's recent price rise breaking new ATHs yet again,
passing up gold, yet again. What do we think is causing this, how
long can it last, and where are we going from here?

-The scammer & fraudster Craig Wright recently attempted to step back into the public eye with the announcement of his new company nchain which claims to be a competitor to the Bitcoin Core implementation. With people like Jon Matonis, Gavin Andresen and Jeff Garzik all saying it's a good idea, what do we think about nchain and it's future?

-After a back and fourth on twitter with Andrew Desantis & Jihan Wu, Wu replied back saying bitmain may likely accept code to stop ASICBoost. Is this a sign of bitcoin game theory at work, forcing Jihan to finally realize what the market wants and is this the next step towards Jihan accepting segwit?

Second Half with Special Guest:
-RSK was created to make smart contracts more accessible to bitcoin, has it done this and is RSK compatible with any other chains?

-What makes RSK different/better than other platforms like ethereum?

-Can you name some good examples of ideas that RSK makes possible that otherwise would'nt able to be developed with just bitcoin?

-How far away are you guys from launching on mainnet?



27 thoughts on “Bitcoin News #40 – Bitcoin Price Rise, NChain, Jihan Wu & Segwit

  1. Regarding the rising price of bitcoin, I think my point is that there are NEW demand verticals for bitcoin for sure. A burgeoning sector of the information security world is ransomware and other criminal activity. The real world use cases for bitcoin are growing at the same rate or greater than the rate at which the criminal underworld rolls out new scams. This should be regarded as super-good news for the long term price of bitcoin.

  2. Jihan Wu has blocked me on twitter… LOL Must have struck a nerve… The truth hurts… Guess he doesn’t like being called a sociopathic, greedy, power hungry, psychopath! That’s just my opinion though! LOL

    1. Gabriel has been traveling alot these past few months, he should have a stable internet connection pretty soon though, once he does he will be a regular again on the show 🙂

  3. Hiya from the UK. Great show. Could you do a little chat on Golem by any chance? P.S Check out the new Crypto news” page on Yes you are featured on it, and if anyone has idea’s of how to improve it. ie; what should be on there that isn’t there at the moment what isn’t so good etc.etc. Love & peace always to all from the UK. Rea. .

  4. Dudes saying they don’t need status are just people who haven’t achieved any – its only when you have everything you want now that you swing into that mode of desire.

  5. I agree w/ Michael about his perspective on the alt bubble. People are hungry for an easy profit and are investing in projects without much infrastructure let alone proven infrastructure. Based off similar events, I could see an eventual consolidation of the money in Alts to the top tier coins.

    regarding segwit

    I have no issue w/ the hesitation of btc miners to signal for segwit. It allows the concept of segwit to be proven on other networks before risking bitcoins image. Once it is successful and proven, btc miners would gain incentive to signal or else risk loosing user base.

    1. Litecoin is indeed a great technology to pair up with bitcoin. I don’t see litecoin going anywhere as it provides lots of benefits to bitcoin including the ability to try out new features before we try them on the bitcoin mainnet.

    1. I suggest you buy from localbitcoins and store them in a hardware wallet. You could also buy from coinbase and then move coins to a hardware wallet.

    2. Thanks, Vortex. I’ve heard Electrum is good for Bitcoin. Do you have recommendations for hardware wallets for other cryptocurrencies, ex. Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin?

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