Bitcoin News #44 – State of UASF, Historic Delaware Regulation

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Bitcoin news for the week of July 3rd with @GabrielDVine @RichardHeartWin @sharkybit and special guest @TraceMayer!

First Half Topics:
-State of UASF
-Delaware House Passes Historic Blockchain Regulation

Second Half with Special Guest:
-What has it been like seeing bitcoin grow from pennies, what has been your favorite moments?
-Where do you see bitcoin and alt coins heading in the future, will all alts be in a side chain, and what has you most excited right now?



-Trace Mayer



38 thoughts on “Bitcoin News #44 – State of UASF, Historic Delaware Regulation

    1. Laws apply where they very specifically fit. When you shoehorn them where they don’t belong, you screw over the other law that does actually apply. In your case, “substitute goods” perhaps?

    2. perhaps, but we need a way to describe ” people will spend first what they perceive to be bad money” up to this point most people, including Andreas have used Greshams law to describe this.

    1. I agree! Richard, if you read this, can you direct us to more information on the block size and latency issues? I would really like to hear and read more about what you said regarding your comment on Visa’s 2000 txs per second and how BTC cannot reach that even with huge block size. The math on that would be interesting and also what would be a reasonable block size with todays Internet speeds and why do we not see Internet speeds increasing sufficiently to handle the latency problem. Thanks!

  1. Excellent discussion!! Great panel with lots of good points of view. Have to say Richard Heart really made some premium points. @RichardHeartWin where can we find more of your crypto content?

  2. This Richard guy is really smart and calls out this DLT for the BS it is. Mayer however seems oblivious that Thucydides was writing about War long before there was a Fed. I do believe Bitcoin will save the world but more because it will make social engineering impossible for states to pursue.

  3. THE most interesting discussion on crypto space ive ever heard.. Great show.. Im subscribed and cant wait to discover more of your content.. very high level information. Great work

  4. This was such a great episode. One of the best debates I’ve heard in the crypto space. Please have Richard on the show more often. He really squeezed out some great points out of Trace and others.

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