Bitcoin News Special With Andrew DeSantis

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Today we are doing a special interview with Andrew DeSantis to get his take on the upcoming UASF, and his thoughts on the most likely outcome scenarios for Aug 1st.


33 thoughts on “Bitcoin News Special With Andrew DeSantis

    1. vortex He knows exactly what he is talking about. He walks a very thin line between letting his ego spilling to far into conversations (a problem relegated to the masses, not just him), sometimes letting his coding prowess seem more like bragging than a gift he is grateful to have, then doubling back saying that coin is evolving too far for anyone to truly understand; alas another switch to pwning Twitter and tracking accounts simply, but, here comes more circling, not because his memo-ing large accounts while memorizing the formula and thinking in fractals.

      Very easy to like, hate, trust, distrust, or be ambiguous too. Whether that is his intent, I’ve no idea, but I assume he’d prefer it that way.

      I laughed as he talked about the pyramids, as the moment he started the sentence, I pictured the tips touching; the pinnacles being the middle. The strongest point as it is where they meet, but also the easiest to teeter from their fulcrum.

      Btw, I do not think the imagery was intended as a meme. I don’t think memes are the creators forte’.

  1. A stream of consciousness. 50% genius – 50% messy acid trip. Ok, I take it. BTW I watched Gabriel D Vine face all the time – the best comment to the whole thing. Whatever it was.

  2. He sure talks the talk has a good verbiage I think he lost both of the hosts so basically he feels Bitcoin continues on as is hmmm, Bitcoin does act on its own terms reminds me of a lyric from the Eagles song Hotel California “they stabbed it with their steely knives but they just couldn’t kill the Beast”

  3. If you want to know what “brain damage” can do to a person, watch Vortex pretending to understand (mostly being polite) what this person is talking about

    1. brain damage or character specific alteration/modification?
      Quirky high IQ idiosyncrasies can commonly be seen as craziness.
      I’m a 52yr old specimen.

    1. gus gg A scary thing. People like him. Incredibly intelligent circumventors so to speak; genius sales people with an area of expertise and a far above average knowledge of what they choose to learn end up being put in a situation where it is either jail or work for the government. *sigh*

  4. What an amazingly informative and highly interesting discussion! Feels like a master’s class in what’s under the hood of Bitcoin. Great explanations of things I kinda knew about, but didn’t quite know how to imagine. Still left with more questions…

  5. I think the trolls rule the world because everything is perception therefore sort of fake. Trolls are intellectually allowed to go places others aren’t. We live in the troll age. Anarchy isnt some existential state of being its a political philosophy. The appearance of structure in any system is always a lie. things aren’t any crazier we just see it for what it is. The age of the individual and time of no gods is our future.

  6. For everyone who is confused about what DeSantis is saying, he basically views bitcoin and other blockchains as new universes, and the laws of quantum mechanics apply to all of them. Basically, things get weird and paradoxical and it’s not supposed to make sense.

  7. Tone Vays put up a developer video recently where the host implied the content may be complex but I found it simple what that were saying. However a lot of what Andrew said confused me. This is one of the most confusing videos on Bitcoin, but hey that’s ok.

  8. Someone needs to get this guy and Amir Taaki in the same room. The stream of consciousness vortex will either destroy humanity, or propel us into a new plane of existence.

  9. It’s my first time hearing Andrew speak, and this quote came to mind: “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” Interviewers need to do a better job pinning people down to actually explain WTF they’re talking about, otherwise the show might devolve into a technobabble cringefest as has happened with other cryptocurrency shows. Keep your skeptical hats on folks!

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