Bitcoin, Scam Coins and Stock Trading Techniques with Tone Vays

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Jeff interviews former Wall St. trader and now Bitcoin expert, Tone Vays. Topics include: the recent price rise in Bitcoin, Chine exchanges and regulations, block size and transaction processing limit, segregated witness allows for more capacity without increasing the block size, scaling issues, Litecoin to get segregated witness, micropayments, the TDV Summit, Tone's workshop at Anarchapulco, basics of technical/chart analysis, is Bitcoin easier to trade than a regular stock? how did Tone's predictions from last year play out?

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43 thoughts on “Bitcoin, Scam Coins and Stock Trading Techniques with Tone Vays

    1. I remember I thought it was good you critiqued his rather poorly written article on steemit. I think the day will come when a lot of people will be embarrassed that they ever associated with this guy .The allegations are quite damming against him .

    2. All of you idiots were swindled by the entire LIBERTARIAN/Evil Government BULLSHIT…the Ron Pauls and Peter Schiffs and Glenn Becks and Mike Maloneys and Robert Kiyosakys of the world. You idiots deserve what you get. These are the same con men who are pumping gold and bitcoin. You people are complete stooges.

  1. Ridiculous to believe that Bitcoin will not be usurped by many other coins with much better properties than Bitcoin. With this mentality, you should have just stuck with the USD.

    1. So EVERY single OTHER coin aside from Bitcoin has devs with bad intentions (and by bad intentions, I’m speaking of pump and dump primarily)? Dash, Shadow, Ether & Monero (I won’t even mention some of the obscure, low market cap coins that are interesting and better situated than Bitcoin long term) you believe to be scams? This just seems like you are talking your book (which is Bitcoin). Dash has decentralized governance (easy voting for masternode owners, avoiding consensus change challenges, like Bitcoin is going through), masternodes, instantsend and a dedicated community of devs lead by the very public Evan Duffield for years now. Or how about NXT (I’ve been using it for close to 3 years – proof here – with decentralized encrypted email, aliases, voting, monetary system and asset exchange? (and I understand the argument against POS with all coins coming into existence into the hands of a few, but this is EXACTLY what happened with Bitcoin in the early days – I mean, 100 coins every 10 minutes with low competition in the first couple of years is definitely an algo stacked against most holders). If Bitcoin were to experience a hard fork you would see much of that market cap divested into other coins very quickly IMO. I’m with you on the privacy front, totally unimportant to me, but Bitcoin got it’s legs in darkmarket drugs and gambling, so you know it’s important to many and there are more than a couple of coins out there with privacy built in (Monero, Shadowcash, ZCash to name a few) that will definitely drive their marketcaps higher while Bitcoin continues to fight about blockchain size. The latest battle against segwit is likely the last straw for Bitcoin as a coin like Litecoin will signal it’s acceptance (or some other obscure or new coin that it is integrated into) and people who have to wait 10 hours for a single confirm will consider other options. I think it’s an absolutely silly idea to think that something so profound as Bitcoin, which paved the way for competition in money would be the first and last choice when we now have over a thousand coins to choose from (and yes, most of them are scams).

    2. Tone Vays – hi Tone. Can you help me understand how people are trading bitcoin in large quantities and affecting the price. I’m new to BTC and had assumed that there were no derivatives of bitcoin, so the only way you could ‘trade’ it was to buy bitcoin (from an exchange) and then sell it again later. Put another way, I thought BTC could only be ‘physically’ owned similar to a physical precious metals position and NOT traded like paper gold and silver are on the comex (aka ‘crimex’). What am I missing here?? Many thanks!

    3. That’s the argument that Peter Schiff used against Stefan Molyneux in a video debate about bitcoin – which is the first debate I think Stefan lost

      There’s a reality show here in the UK called “Dragons Den” where rich entrepreneurs listen to pitches for business funding – and they won’t ever fund anything that could have a newcomer just come along and copy the business model – they must see some protection against future competition

  2. Hebrews 9:27, “And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment.”  There will be NO valid excuses accepted on Judgment Day, when the wicked shall stand before God in their sins, having rejected Jesus as the Christ, as payment for their sins… AND THE BOOKS WERE OPENED.

  3. I’m not sure about all factors orbiting segregated witness, but I don’t think bitcoin can or should be utilized for micro payments. Instead of thinking as bitcoin taking over an economy, it’s time to start thinking how bitcoin will work with the conventional one.
    Whether its cash, wire transfers, gold/silver, or canned goods, trust is the real currency of the world. It would be wise not to split it in too many different ways.

    1. eth is a good bet… unfortunately tone vays suffers from confirmation bias and sucks satoshi cok too much to see the value of other cryptos… Also hes only a trader and luddite…

    1. TheChosenOne the privacy is what I like to call “good enough” for those that know how to maximise it using these tools, they are not perfect but should get better over time. (they are also the best we have)

    1. anteeko the privacy is what I like to call “good enough” for those that know how to maximise it using these tools, they are not perfect but should get better over time. (they are also the best we have)

  4. no need for micropayments? Is this some kind of joke? Jeff, if you want to know more about what is really the reason for BU vs BSCore, look at the /r/bitcoin censorship and reason for /r/btc. This is a community backlash against core devs shoving their perceived beliefs down the communities throats — beliefs like, Hard Forks are contentious is not true which depends entirely on how it is done.

    Small blockers like to point to Ether DAO fork but that one was poorly prepared on a coin with completely different parameters, like faster block times. Monero has hard forked on at least one occasion and that worked just fine.

    That “HF is bad” belief lead the core devs to creating a *suboptimal* solution called segwit. Segwit only gives an estimated approximate 1.7x throughput increase ***BUT*** that assumes 100% of the users in the ecosystem *only* make Segwit transactions.

    This started all the way back from Bitcoin XT. Bitcoin core devs, like Gavin, Mike Hern and Jeff Garzik, that didn’t share blockstream’s vision of a settlement layer, were eventually “pushed out”. If you want to have a balanced and informed opinion, ask Roger Ver and also Bitcoin Unlimited and Classic devs like Tom Zander and Andrew Stone. Tone Vays attitude that blockstream core is the best and they can do no harm, inevitably leads to developer centralization, which is completely antithetical to Bitcoin’s ethos of decentralization.

  5. I do NOT agree that crypto or anonymous transactions are not necessary for micro transactions.   Micro transactions are the most voluminous and these are the means for Big Brother, such as NSA, to invade our privacy and profile our lives etc.  Reserving crypto currency only for so called macro Transactions because the block chain cannot handle growing volumes given micro txns is not acceptable in my mind. I would much prefer to use cash than a crypto currency or for that matter, debit/credit cards, if privacy is not going to be a feature.

  6. Re: Failure to adopt segwit will hamper micro-transactions, I believe that is true BUT, as Jeff said, there are other currencies that could step up and take up the slack but, too, I’ve used “Bitcoin” to buy coffee for years by buying Gyft cards ( with Bitcoin. The workaround to the microtransaction “problem” is so trivial that making a “big deal” about the necessity may be counterproductive and just raises flags against the proponents.

  7. If its not on chain its not Bitcoin. Core could increase blocksize now to ease congestion and implement segwit. They dont and wont, which tells you all you need to know.

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