Bitcoin Smashes Through $10k… Wait… $11k! What The Fk Is Going On?

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35 thoughts on “Bitcoin Smashes Through $10k… Wait… $11k! What The Fk Is Going On?

    1. $12 k by the end of next week . the stock market ipo go out wed and the market will buy it up ! the problem is it will go up too fast and com back down that’s when you want to buy it . also etherium ,and light coin buy it ! gold and silver will sky rocket too as the trust in the dollar will fall as well as the value and the banks are droping costomers that are buying this as they are scared

    1. Bitcoin is already a world currency.

      The Rothschild Economist predicted it in 1988, that we’d be ready for it by 2018.

      Here we are. Not saying I don’t own any.

    2. It is correct. 1988 The Economist paper had such an article… Fools think Bitcoin is escape from the Matrix, but it really isn’t. Its just repositioning yourself in the Matrix. You will never get away from their grip.

  1. In the near future if you know someone with 1 bitcoin he / she will be wealthy if you know someone with 10 or more he / she will be very wealthy , mark my words . Fiat currency is so worthless and deflating it’s a joke . The buying power just gets worse and worse every year , they just keep printing worthless paper to prop it up sooner or later it will fold , Greece comes to mind or Argentina , the world is a changing for the better #$%^ the banksters / gangsters .

    Cryptocurrency actually has real value , BITCOIN especially it takes over 1000 US dollars to mine one BITCOIN THAT’S REAL VALUE unlike the paper junk printed , think about it .

    Ps . Please quit erasing my comments its called freedom of speech , and it’s a constitutional RIGHT.

  2. Deeponion may not hit 10K soon, but it is the best upcoming coin for sure – untraceable and anonymous crypto sent through TOR network, with own wallet, DeepVault and great community!

  3. Another interesting video I like your way of shooting. However, I believe that at the moment it is necessary to pay attention to new promising projects and coins. We all need to strive for the best and be only in the best projects. I suggest you pay attention to the coin and the DeepOnion project, for today it is one of the most promising projects of 2017, the level of trust of users to the coin is very high and the coin Onion shows very good growth rates even in November its price was 0.85 dollars and for today the price already 2.21 dollars. Thanks to such technology as DeepVault, the level of reliability of the purse is the highest for today, the purse itself is anonymous, it has a high transaction speed and a minimum commission.

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