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41 thoughts on “Bitcoin War Begins – Bitcoin Cash Rises 50% While Bitcoin Drops $1,000 In 24 Hours

    1. Mario, if you always looking t o find some trivial or wrong things about People, is typical thinking of a shallow mind or a mind of a low life bully- psychopath. Jeff is a handsome and charming Man and looks great all the time.

  1. Jeff, so disappointing. You should have Trace Mayer on again. You and Roger Ver don’t understand the technicals nor the economics. You cannot maintain decentralization and have a large block size–fundamental trade-offs. Bitcoin will scale with L2 technologies like Lightning.

    1. Yes I agree, and I look forward to Bitcoin Cash failing. How exactly do you think Bitcoin Cash will incentivize mining once the block subsidy goes to zero (which is happening fast) and maintain low fees?

    2. It’s pretty clear that Jeff doesn’t understand the technicals (he’s said so himself in the past). Roger Ver, on the other hand, knows EXACTLY what he’s up to and Roger’s all about enriching Roger Ver.

    3. Derek
      I have the opinion that Jeff is quite informed of this issue.
      It may seem strange, but hopefully it makes people become more aware. One way or the other.
      And of course it’s always up to you to form your own conclusion.

    1. It’s all scripted theater. He is just reading up what other people have written for him. He also do not write his expensive “newsletters” – some other guy writes them for him. Everything about him is fake.

    2. I much rather listen to someone reading a script off a teleprompter because it eliminates the constant never ending and ah, and ah, and ah, and ah, and ah most youtubers babble on and on about !!!

  2. Blockstream developers are free to develop beyond influence and represent a small percentage of the developers. Bitcoin cash basically stole the code and has NO real development team. So lame! Unsubbing.

  3. So the biggest holders of BCash act like the worst actors in the legacy banking system and Jeff talks like Bush Jr. trying to force others to join his illegal wars… Sorry dude, I am against you on this one.
    The vision of BTC (e.g. by Andreas Antonopolous) is much closer to what world I want to live in.

  4. Lol wow, Jeff had so much respect for you because i thought you had an idea. Calling BTC devs part of a globalist agenda? Wtf? lol Come on man, you have more dignity than that. Just because you got ver coming to your town you don’t have to be a biased puppet, use common sense and be authentic brother.

  5. The irony. An anarchist who is duped into supporting centralization. Sure fees and speed is a problem. But the solution is not bigger block sizes. That’s just the justification the actual globalists are using.

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