Black Friday Crypto Crash! Are All Cryptocurrencies Going To Zero?

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43 thoughts on “Black Friday Crypto Crash! Are All Cryptocurrencies Going To Zero?

    1. No it wont. LN is good tech, but its not gonna work like that. You will still need to pay a $100 or $300 even fee to send your bitcoin into a payment channel. Then you can only transact in that payment channel.

    2. Don’t you get it? They have been dangling this “lightning network” in front of you for how long now? There is no “lightning network”. It was all bullshit and there never were any plans by Core to scale.

    1. Lol he’s canadian!!they always are there frickin born socks with sandals, Michael moore,hockey,etc can I stop. He lost his fortune once before now everyone’s treating him as a oracle…!! Buy gold

  1. I listened to peter schiff years ago and invested in silver and gold… Had I bought bitcoin instead I would have been worth over 10million dollars today, Instead my silver and gold is worth half the amount I bought it at…

    1. It is a very thin market, thou can only cash out as long as few others do it, that is how all ponzi schemes work.
      And the purpose of investing in gold and silver is not to make money, as they ARE money, it is simply to retain ones purchasing power. Cryptos are different, they are a high risk gamble.
      And while they have taken a lot of gains in the last few years, these prices are completely unsustainable.
      It is dumb to invest into a bubble, because noone have the skills needed to figure out when the bubble is about to burst, and the trick is to get out before it burst.

    2. I properly understand it better then thee.
      But let me summarise it.
      Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology, that tries to solve the Byzantine general problem by achieving true consensus among a multitude of actors.
      I say try because it don’t.
      There are constantly soft folks that get resolved by the doctrine of largest chain, that none the less leads to a constant uncertainty about whether true consensus have been reached.
      It also requires exponentially increasingly powerful computers (supercomputers at this point) and an obscene amount of electricity to run the algorithms that are misleadingly called “mining”. Cold is mined, gold is mined, in a way even oil is mined, but Bitcoin is not, it just misappropriately uses the term in order to seem more legitimate.
      At this point in time these supercomputers uses in total more electricity then the entire state of Denmark and if current trends continue they would consume the entire worlds production, which quite naturally means that they wont.
      And the whole reason to use these massive computers are to slow down the blockchain enough for it to not splinter endlessly.
      It is also only possible to make a few Bitcoin transaction a second and it can take hours before one is cleared. Due to the needlessly complicated nature of Blockchain.
      Put simply it does not scale.

      And at this point I have not even addressed the main problem that it is supposed to be a vehicle to carry value, but if we never put value into the system to begin with, then the “trucks” will of course still be empty when they arrive.
      A much better system would be hashgraph that don’t have these many problems that the Blockchain do. Of course it is still not capable of creating value ex nihilo, the notion that something could do that have always been preposterous.
      I do think that there will be a future for hashgraph at commodity arbitrate settlement, however Blockchain is like the plane that couldn’t fly, an important step toward something that actually work, *but at this point quite obsolete.*

    3. Like I said before, You clearly don’t understand the blockchain technology… Just because you googled an article and rephrase it does not mean anything.. You didn’t even explain 1% of the basis of the blockchain network… You seem to think Bitcoin is the blockchain technology, Nice try though.

    4. Oh no I don’t. I used to think that Blokchain might be able to work, that the only real problem was that Bitcoin was unbacked. But as I just listed, there is are whole mountain of additional problems that makes it completely untenable.
      And I just listed the basics to help thee understand, because if thou did understand any of what I just said, thou would not be a proponent of it. Ultimately it is nothing but a pyramid scheme. And exceptionally large one, but still nothing else.

    1. Great Gazoo trumpcoin is a block chain for those who know they want to bankrupt people. Melaniacoin is the block chain for illegal aliens who wish to get to us illegally and get to stay

  2. Hey Vigilante 🙂 love your videos the one about IRS was epic, it was indeed 30% discount on BTC 🙂 I got myself a bag full of it and when it went back up I’ve bought some alts. I’m really into privacy coins hence the like of your IRS video 😉 I’ve always really liked dash but I think it does have some limitations. Lately i’ve been looking into some new upcoming coins like Verge, DeepOnion based on Tor network. What do you think about those? DeepOnion just went up 50% today? let me know 😉

    1. Hi Vokain, DeepOnion is a great choice, this relative new privacy coin will compete with the best in the mid/long term. I’m investing in this project because it has everything to be successfull. TOR integration ensures that it’s the most private coin available, great features on the roadmap, fast growing community etc. My question… how could you pick Dash as your favourite without mentioning Monero? Monero will beat Dash any day. And most likely DeepOnion will beat Monero in the future. Just my 2 cents on this matter.

    2. Good point. Almost forgot about that one. thanks for the reminder. Just out of curiousity. You said you are looking into Verge and DeepOnion. What are in your opinion the biggest pro’s and con’s of each ?

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