Blockchain: The Greatest Paradigm Shift Of Our Generation

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Jeff Berwick at World Blockchain Forum, London closing speech, topics include: being an early Bitcoin adopter, the early days of the internet, Bitcoin still in its early days, one of the most important points in human history, getting the power back to the people, Bitcoin is self regulating, the most important thing for freedom this century.

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36 thoughts on “Blockchain: The Greatest Paradigm Shift Of Our Generation

    1. @OmarTouzani You’re damn right !!! NEVER mess with the Government.
      But we still need to build our own communities in the case of Tyranny.
      When the Elites are moderate, pay taxes, if they get crazy, aim & shoot.

    2. Aren’t you paying extortion fess AKA “taxes”? Do you get to choose what you want to buy and sell without government approval? Do you get to choose your own education without government approval? Can you disobey the law and get away with it? Can you travel from one place to another without a government ID? If your answers are “No”, then you do submit like the rest of us. In a free world, governments do not exist! As of now, with or without btc, we are still modern slaves.

    3. @Omar Let’s not behave like a dumb anarchist, History always prevail.
      Government is the matrix of Civilization, denying this is total discredit.
      The ENTIRE debate is Big Gov (illusion) versus Small Gov (disuasion).

    1. Luciano Di Carlo Neo could go either way, in my opinion it will likely go up when China resolves it’s stance, finishes its house cleaning and gets back behind it. If that is not to late?
      EOS could still go lower, but if you have been scaling in does the absolute bottom really matter?
      I really don’t believe Dan Larimer needs Jeff Berwick to succeed or fail or visa versa. Both men see farther out then most and have good intentions.
      I guess I don’t understand why you need to use EOS to talk about NEO at all? And I hold both, though stronger position on EOS.
      Most of these projects will fail and dissappear as a part of the natural cycle of things. I believe EOS will be one of those that win, but the world doesn’t really care what I believe and so I diversify. My opinions about the future are the same as your and everyone’s, just opinions, guesses, most will prove to be wrong. A few who guessed right will jump up and beat their chests and yell “see how brilliant I am”. Others will just quietly be happy they are right. Most will be licking wounds for being followers and not thinking for themselves. Nothing really changes in this regard.
      I have learned from a lifetime of choices, you can be right, even on time and sell to early. . .or to late. You can be wrong and hold till it is dust in the wind. Everything is constantly changing, those who win consistently see where those changes are taking us early and let go of opinions quickly. I also believe in the long term your intention matter far more than everything else. Selfishness is a short term investment.
      Why do you believe NEO will succeed? Aside from owning it and wanting it to? I really want to know?

    2. Now it makes sense, 2,000,000 tokens sold every 23 hrs for $.70 give or take (not to mention all the tokens sold at higher prices) is all because Jeff Berwick said something about EOS? Wow, didn’t know he had that kind of power, that is a lot of rich people, dumping lots of money on Jeff words.

  1. “The Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us. Even now, in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work… when you go to church… when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.

    Neo: What truth?

    Morpheus: That you are a slave, Neo. Like everyone else you were born into bondage. Into a prison that you cannot taste or see or touch. A prison for your mind.”

    ― Morpheus

    1. Let go of everything you learn from parents, school, gov, law, religion, tradition, culture etc… And get rid of TV microwave oven install EMF blockage device

      Let GOD in with pure consciousness . You can transform your self to the most profound highest pure consciousness any HUMAN can have. The key is the WISDOM and knowledge
      GOD means
      G= geometrically
      O= order

  2. If I may stir the pot. I love America just like everyone. However. Most Americans have lost touch with what America is and where it is located. They never got full disclosure. Rather, they are confused by the men behind the curtain. Aka confused by their own government. govern = control, mente = mind…

    (Americans) They are asleep in the matrix and they got stockholm syndrome. They love their defacto government. (foreign owned corporation).

    That is to say… there is a devisive corporation located in washington DC that has policy dictated by another foreign entity called the IMF and the Fed or Federal Reserve. Neither of which are actual de jure government entities. They are defacto Corporations Acting like a de jure government.

    Again, these entities have no business dicating policy to American Nationals. (Those born in and claiming State Citizen Nationality).

    ahhh. but US Citizens… they are different. ya see, US Citizens, become US citizens voluntarily by their parents and or through naturalization. This is a 100% choice. One can be a state citizen aka American National or US citizen or even stateless. See INA 1940 of U.S.Code

    American State Citizens are local or American. but US citizens pledge of allegiance to a foreign owned corporation that has an exclusive 10 sq mile jurisdiction where the original the Constitution has no berring. Washington DC is like the Vatican. It is for all intensive purposes, A country within the 50 Constitutional Republic states of America.

    in other words, if you become a US citizen, you are party to a private contract that is foreign owned. You then pay into this foreign government because you volunteer into the status.

    I pledge of allegiance to The United States and to the republic for which it stands. I only pledge of allegiance to the constitutional republic.

    We don’t have a de jure government today. America was hijacked by washington DC and pretends to be a de jure government elect.

    Learning resource:

    I am for State Citizenship, without the Corporate Defacto Washington DC.

  3. I am working for a bank today and I can totally see the blockchain disrupt banking in the coming years, unlike many of our managers who don’t take it serious yet (with a couple exceptions). I will be prepared.

  4. Jeff has much good information that must be heard but speaking to large groups requires serious preparation for the story to be told in a rational logical presentation. Off the cuff just doesn’t cut it at this level of exposure. Here Jeff is covering too much jumping from reference to reference without completing a thought, then realizing he needs to get back to the purpose of the speech. Jeff! Time to become a professional speaker or get a speech writer and stick to the script.

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