Blockchaining & Revolutionizing the Casino Industry with

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Jeff interviews the CEO and founder of ICO startup, Jedediah Taylor. Topics include: big profits in the ICO space, the gambling industry, big profits being made, with 100% of the profits are returned to the community, a place to invest crypto, project already advanced, the platform will be live and generating profit in a few months, the ICO process, really undervalued as the only ICO with a near completed platform, a community lottery system, investable DBet tokens likely to be in high demand, how to buy tokens safely, the transparency of the financial system and house edge, guaranteed payouts, a much better model that could revolutionise the gaming industry, ICO’s a rapidly expanding area TDV to provide more coverage, Cryptopulco at Anarchapulco and the TDV Summit.

The Decent Bet website and ICO:

The TDv Summit, Acapulco, Mexico:

Anarchapulco conference:


34 thoughts on “Blockchaining & Revolutionizing the Casino Industry with

  1. Hey Jeff , glad you’re back. I always enjoy your videos. Very interesting guest you had in this video. I also live in Panama like this gentleman and I’m Canadian like you. Thumbs up. Keep up the good work.

  2. BitDice already has a working online casino, you can use most major cryptos for betting, you don’t need a house token whos value is in flux to gamble and BitDice tokens pay holders casino profits quarterly.

    1. k7gixxer1000 thanks mate. I know you think you are being smart but I seriously advise you to read everything there is about this project. You clearly haven’t. Either way I won’t be replying back so enjoy getting the last word in 🙂

  3. Casinos DO have an edge in poker. It’s called paying the rake or paying time (in higher stakes and some low stakes NL games). Ether way you are paying rent for your seat. This enables the top 5 to 10 percent of players to earn money from players who are recreational. The pro and semi pro earns from providing entertainment and acting as the casino for the recreational players who play for the thrill of the occasional big win just as gamblers in casinos do. In short, poker investors (profitable players) make money from poker gamblers (90-95% of players) while the casino charges both types of of player rent.

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