Boom. BTC Hits $6K And $100 Billion Market Cap As Helicopter Ben & Jamie Demon Warn The End Is Near

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71 thoughts on “Boom. BTC Hits $6K And $100 Billion Market Cap As Helicopter Ben & Jamie Demon Warn The End Is Near

    1. Can’t you see this is reverse psychology? They want you to want a digital currency so they can push us into a cashless society. Even the story of the creator of BTC is shady

    2. CreamCheeseNBagels123 – it’s all good. this “reverse psychology” in bitcoin has already made many people lots of money. If all of the US dollars eventually go to crypto, each bitcoin will be worth a whole lot more than it’s worth today. Get it now, or be left behind.

    3. I agree, gold is awesome 🙂 crypto however is such an easy thing to use and get hold of, i have made many completely free and anonymous (no taxes 🙂 transactions with crypto, many of my friends are getting their wallets as we speak and i can easily send them a little crypto to get them started 😀 … and it is a good excuse to introduce the principles of freedom. I love gold silver guns and crypto and implore all that do the same to use them to show the world around them how they can be tools of human liberation 🙂

    1. floating point numbers are only approximations. I guess you can have more digits as long as you have a consistent method of rounding (across all platforms and development environments). The ship has pretty much sailed for 8 decimal positions though. I’m sure there would be a lot of code that would need to change

    2. Will Nielsen It’s not that simple. You have to round or compensate in some way for the approximation. Take a standard data type double for example, with a value of .1 and multiply it by .1. It doesn’t yield the value (as a double) you’d expect, not without a little help. All I’m saying is there would probably be side effects for changing the precision. There would definitely be in my code, and probably so on exchanges and other places.

  1. Bitcoin is already in the control of the powers that shouldn’t be. The war is already lost but the price will continue to rise because the people are not being told due to censorship.

    1. TooLegit ToQuit Jeff is clueless about a lot of things… Example: steemit. He is not a good go-to source for information. If that is why you are here, you are wasting your time.

    1. You got that right! Most of the smart people who bought into cryptos, probably own some precious metals also. And they are certainly tired of waiting for the metals pricing to break. it has been a long journey, and this one percent of the general population who own crypto’s and precious metals is going to increase exponentially very soon.

  2. Yeah, 6K — and it’ll hit higher, I said it would long ago. That is NOT what you should be reporting about, Jeff. Mark my words, a digital currency system will be the end of society as we have known it. Oh, and every time I hear that there are “only 21 million bitcoins” I shake my head in bewilderment at just how ignorant people are. If someone created “21 million” then they can create 50 million or 500 million. BTW, why not 10 million, why not 40 million? Is 21 million some kind of “magic” number? Ever wonder why “21 million”? There’s more but I’ll end here – for now.

    1. It bothers me how many people like your comment. You really have no clue how the blockchain works do you? Unlike Fiat money, you can’t just arbitrarily print more. It’s a decentralized ledger that keeps everyone around the world in check. Please take the tin foil hat off and read a little more. I wish I had invested back in 2012 instead of earlier this year when I first figured it out. I too waited, like a sheep… missed out on making a lot more money. Either way, bye felicia.

  3. Yes… Tiny Ben would have sent the Helicopters thru out nation but they would only land on the roof tops of Chase, B of A, And all too big to fail Banks. HAHAHA Oh and 11 Wall St, New York, NY 10005 Then maybe NASDAQ. IMO

    1. well you just convinced me. Now I’m selling all of my bitcoin and alt coins right this second !! thanks for the awesome and extremely in depth advice !!!

  4. The price is being manipulated I see 85m $ drop on one trade then 100m $ sell straight after people are being pulled in thinking this is easy money, then losing thousands…

    1. Analytical Justice inversely: next month 500 million people might realize that paying interest rates and bank fees was not their divinely preordained destiny, and will through two bucks on the wheel for shits and giggles.

  5. Boom. bitcoin is denominated in dollars. Bitccoin is in the biggest bubble in all history. bitcoin will be relegated to the dustbin of history. Jerry and Rango!

    1. Look around the world Eric, US economic sanctions are having little effect as countries simply ignore them now and use alternative currencies to trade with. If BTC turns to dust, then what will come in its place, the dollar?? Pull the other one!! It is the US petro dollar that is being relegated to the dustbin..

    2. Eric… do you think that gold is a scam too because it is denominated in dollars? which is more valuable long term; gold or government backed currency?

    3. Gold and silver (especially silver) already accomplish the main purpose of cryptos… can’t be counterfeited by government scum. How can you possibly believe that someone can simply ‘invent’ their own currency???
      WTF??? Excuse me, but isn’t that what central banks do already?? Bring Tattoo back from Fantasy Island with you. He’s a neat little guy 🙂 Bitcoin is in a gigantic BUBBLE, only a matter of time till it pops. all that will be left is gold and silver.

    4. I love precious metals too eric, but i think you are wrong about that. PM have very low liquidity and thus impractucal to use day to day… and indeed there is great fraud within the PM’s. Derivatives and market manipulation is massive! Blockchain on the other hand no one can fraud.

  6. I am going to put on my tinfoil hat for moment here. If you sit back and look at this whole sudden movement regarding crypto and realize where its heading, you begin to see how perfectly the elites plan is coming into place! A one world digital currency is taking fruition, which is one of the first major steps in eventually fulfilling their ultimate goal… a one world government. COMPLETE CONTROL… If you really think this whole crypto movement is for the benefit of society due to the “elimination” of banks and “prosperity” and all that bullshit, then sorry, they have sold you a story, and you have bought a lie. The banking elite and ruling families are miles ahead of us, we are a pawn in their game, this whole crypto movement has been planned all along…. do you really think the bankers would just let their power slip away like that? the banking elite will still rule, only this time their power will hide behind a different mask, a digital one. And its not a coincidence that Satoshi Nakamoto is unknown, go figure?

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