Brave Browser, BATs, and the Attention Economy

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Ads, ads everywhere! Today we are joined by Brendan Eich to discuss the Brave browser's micropayments system and how they plan to address the greatest fallbacks of the ad-funded attention economy: surveillance, malware, and declining social trust. In addition to a technical overview of the upcoming BAT digital advertising system, we will explore how current funding models for online publishing have negatively impacted the quality of journalism.

Brendan Eich is the creator of JavaScript, a Mozilla Project co-founder, and CEO of Brave Software. Brave is a open-source, Chrominium-based web browser with built-in ad-blocking software:


Chris Ellis ( )
Janine Römer ( )
Shannon Frady ( )
and special guest Brendan Eich ( )

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15 thoughts on “Brave Browser, BATs, and the Attention Economy

  1. Just changed to Brave browser it really is noticeably quicker compared to chrome i was using. I love the feature rolling over tabs changes the page instead of clicking. Can someone techy give his opinion on how much PC resources it uses compared to Chrome, Edge etc… If i remember correctly Safari used a lot of PC power compared to other browsers to appear faster.

    1. I’ve been using Brave browser for while….really like it except when it comes to deleting bookmark folders and files. Can’t do an all select and then delete…..this is a hassle when editing/deleting many files.

  2. Steem blockchain is great for decentralized journalism and in a way it has a lot of similarities and attention economy. Thanks for interview very informative!

  3. Great interview! The content on World Crypto Network is the among the best on the net and has been for some time now… I don’t suffer from attention deficit and enjoy the long shows. Thank you for producing this show.. Bitcoin donation sent in appreciation.

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