Can Gold & Silver Be Put On The Blockchain?

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43 thoughts on “Can Gold & Silver Be Put On The Blockchain?

    1. WoodApe100 again I would like Bitcoin and all crypto currencies to win to stop governments to control money. I want to understand HOW can crypto currencies can compete when transactions become more and more expensive but regular commodities and currencies HAND to HAND transactions are free.

      Like Big Brain commented crypto currencies are more like crypto shares but with not company to back the share.

      You told me a lot of maybes but not current facts about how to fix the Blockchain scalablility issue.

    1. substation41. Physical gold can be taken away from you by the government or other people at anytime and in times of economic crisis it often is. Word spreads pretty quickly when you try to buy anything with gold and your neighbour might drop a dime on you. I don’t see how gold is considered more secure or valuable than Bitcoin. Your crypto wealth is remarkably safe and since it doesn’t physically exist it cannot easily be taken from you if you know how to take the right precautions. Your transactions and crypto financial activity is far more secure than using a regular bank.

  1. Hi Jeff buying bitcoin and ethereum and silver few bucks at a time… that’s better than nothing I guess… that’s reality on a teacher’s salary. I like my garden better than the cryptos and the silver its just beautiful and I am in love with the dirt and the water.. crazy huh.

  2. I have to strongly disagree with you Jeff. Gold is valuable because of its healing properties. I eat manna everyday. Which is a form of edible gold. It could very well be the cure for cancer. Silver is valuable because it is an antibiotic. This is knowledge coming from ancient times and scripture. Yes, I might be a prophet thanks for asking. The elites value gold on their quest for immortality. Gold doesnt give immortality but it does elongate the life span. So no, gold isnt backed by “nothing” it is the elixir of life. Colloidal Gold is how Jesus turned water into wine. It turns water a ruby red color. Interesting I know and you would be a fool not to believe me. P.S. Comstock mining is about to explode.

    1. Jacob Cards Hello I see you still keep your third eye. So here is valuable health tip for you. CDS chlorine dioxide is the best antibiotic known until today. Many people around the world have healed their bodies from different diseases including cancer. It is a selective oxydizer and a mitochondria activator. Look it up my friend. It is a non-toxic alternative to chemo.

    2. Ive heard testimonies and almost everyone says there are no withdrawal symptoms. Im sure you dont feel as good as you would when you had it but thats with any mineral supplement.

  3. EXODUS – The Golden Calf – 20 “And he took the calf the people had made and burned it in the fire; then he ground it to powder, scattered it on the water and made the Israelites drink it.”

  4. Bitcoins are great, i agree. The cryptos are good complementary to gold and silver. The only problem with cryptos is that they are in a bubble. Gold and silver are in reverse bubble, I believe.

    1. Ashfaq Sheikh You cannot shut down cruptocurrency. That is similar to shutting down the internet. It is decentralized where nodes are spread worldwide.

    2. OK if you say so. I am reminded of the housing crisis of 2008 in the U.S which effectively froze the financial system and banking worldwide. The American treasury is the biggest node to which all other nodes are attached.

  5. Sorry but only the Hardcore Gold Bugs want a PM backed Crypto. I am quite happy with my Physical Silver Stack and Crypto stored on the Ledger. PM backed Crypto equals counter party risk and depreciation because of storage costs. FAILURE!!! Wrong on this one Jeff.

  6. nothing backing gold? LMFAO u don’t know anything about real money. value is not objective in a real unmanipulated market. value is directly related to scarcity, diversity, and longevity. gold is the best conductor of any metal and would be used industrially like silver if there weren’t more readily available cost effective alternatives like silver. if silver were equal in value gold would be the obvious choice in many more projects. but in a speculative paper market where scarcity really doesn’t exist price is objective but it’s actual value will always be it’s usefulness. the major issues I see for chrypto is its dependence to the grid and it’s ledger being used as a tracking device. it does not have even half of the uses as gold or silver so it should not contain but half of their value..)

  7. Looking forward to getting your take on this when I listen to it, but this morning I just realized I needed a re-focus on the battle at hand, so right now I’m listening to the Bob Marley concert from Santa Barbara in ’79, I believe it was (highly recommend it because Bob knew of the Babylon system we fight, and that is why we must unite under one crypto that is backed by not only a little silver and gold but also LAND, and plenty of it, as well as infrastructure to use that land and use it well). And we must also establish a council who will judge matters on the worldwide blockchain and coming meta-matrix. This council must also wrest control, on behalf of the freedom-loving people of all the world, from those who control most of it now. Down with the Luciferian central banking bastards, those Babylonians, their war-mongering merchants, Pravda press, and all the stupid minions who mindlessly follow them. But YOU are commissioned to help. So email me, dude! bendinfo(at)yandex(dot)com 🙂 Much love… peace, ‘Warr’ (as they call me)

  8. Nothing is backing gold? Ha Ha that’s a good one – how about the fact that it is the only completely stable heavy metal on the periodic table, it is very rare on earth because it only comes to us from exploding stars, it never corrodes and is very electrically conductive, etc. etc. Gold is backed by the fact that it is a very rare wonder material with amazing physical properties and unique industrial uses. A lot more things in our world would have a lot more gold in them if the metal was not so hard to come by – and therefore so expensive. All of this is what is “backing gold.” On the other hand, BitCoin is “backed” by an algorithm that can be jigged and tweaked by anyone. As a useful material – it is electrons zipping around a network in and out of memory addresses – that’s all it really IS. I will take the rare wonder material thanks very much – you can keep the electrons.

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