Chris Ellis on Bitcoin Scaling, the Past and the Future (recorded March 11, 2017)

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15 thoughts on “Chris Ellis on Bitcoin Scaling, the Past and the Future (recorded March 11, 2017)

    1. definitely not BU. BU exists because miners want to keep fees high. Why would miners band together against users and developers to lower fees? It’s because segwit will actually lower fees by increasing block size and allowing for layer 2 transactions. Jihan the miner is scared that segwit will lower fees too much, putting him out of business.

      But we’re in this to improve bitcoin for everyone, not just the miners. It needs to satisfy users.

  1. Chris, you finally made an informative funny video, despite your dry dull British humor without begging for BTC. I will be donating 2 million BTC to you now.

    Thomas seems to be right handed. Chris are you left handed?

  2. If I were practical, I might be unwilling to listen to cryptic explanations that argue why I should pay higher fees and endure longer wait times for my transactions over the past year. I wouldn’t be the only one with a valid need for more throughput yesterday. Like many others, I’d imagine that simply increasing block size could work, and I wouldn’t be alone disregarding geeks who are trying to explain to me why an extra 1mb might “break the camel’s back”. I’d be frustrated, sick, and tired of talking to a brick wall.
    If I were technical, I might be unwilling to bother explaining to impatient users, again for the umpteenth time, why segwit is a more appropriate technical solution which could allow exponential future evolution. I’d be frustrated, sick, and tired of talking to a brick wall.
    …and here we are, dealing with the difficult and the inevitable, because there is but one bitcoin!

    1. They’re not sound engineers. It would have been good to hang a blanket or rug or two on adjacent walls to stop that reflective colouration. All that glass is not good to work with. Even a pile of jackets and jumpers behind the
      mike would have helped cut reflection. Anyhow, well done anyway guys, it’s the content we love.

    2. I agree, two great guys with good insight and zero sound engineering qualities. I get it that most people posting videos in the crypto world do it basically for free, but sound seems to be completely overlooked again and again.

  3. Chris, Thomas. Back in the day, before the internet, we would store software on a cassette
    recorder. We could send a program to another computer user with CB radio. just play the cassette over the airways and others would record it to load on their computer. Later on, we would connect the CB to a sound card and wire the “push to talk” button (transmit button) to a coms port, so the computer could control when the radio would transmit and receive.

    We called this Packet Radio,and stations were called nodes on a cybernetwork.
    We would set up Bulletin Boards to leave messages for other to look at, a
    bit like a forum.

    Could Bitcoin be set up outside of the
    internet via Packet radio? And maybe a link at some stations where
    there is a internet connection? We could have Bitcoin all over
    Africa. Bitcoin could free it’s self from the confines of the

    All you need is a CB that could access the world Freeband Frequencies, (27.415 to 27. 985 Mhz) a Raspberry Pi and a low cost sound card and a laptop.

    Packet Data demonstration:

    More here

  4. Since when did you guys become such experts on alt coins? Nothing but criticism….Have you even taken the time to thoroughly do your research on all of them as you have on Bitcoin??? Stop being so biased…. Imagine there were only 1 branded car in the entire world with a slow engine… People would get fed up & want a different look with faster speed different body etc…. That’s what happening with alt coins, some cars are better then others while people have other opinions….You gotta admit that Bitcoins currently sucks with slow as hell confirmation time & higher fees.

  5. Chris blocks are too small. Fees are too high. The answer is BU. Xthin tx with BU are fast. Consensus determines block size not centralised mandate from core.

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