Countdown To Freedom: Jeff Berwick On The Cash Flow Ninja

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Jeff (while in Belgrade, Serbia) is interviewed by Cash Flow Ninja M C Laubscher. Topics include: the Liberland project is going very well, countries moving to recognize Liberland as a nation, a European ‘Hong Kong’, US government record deficit under Trump, Trumps wars and sanctions, foreign entanglements, state bankruptcies, social security is a ponzi scheme, student loan debt bubble, a coming US hyperinflation, the Bitcoin forking event, Bitcoin Cash BCH, altcoins, EOS vs Ethereum, Steem can handle massive transaction volume, what is money anyway, the future of the crypto space, we are still in the early days of Bitcoin, taking control of money away from the state, Anarchapulco 15th – 18th Feb. 2018!

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33 thoughts on “Countdown To Freedom: Jeff Berwick On The Cash Flow Ninja

  1. there is absolutely no doubt that ‘the west’ is going down, and in 50 to 100 y span even the most developed countries would descend to the level of socialist south america, such as argentina at nest, and possibly venezuela. It is inevitable in practice and it will happen.

    1. I’m not going to re-mediate you if you haven’t been following what the president has been doing, you won’t see it on the news, but a couple of the latest were taking the CIA’s drug money, 121,000,000 lbs. of cocaine and then rounding up the child/human trafficking rings, over 10,000 arrests, well, you can check the rest for yourself — TRUMP TRAIN! WOOHOO! Drain the swamp!

    1. AnarchistMetalhead YES, Dondo #14. It’s very rudimentary but pretty nice by Dondo standards. Do you use the same handle on the liberland message boards? It sounds familiar.

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