CryptoCrash – Jeff Berwick on China, Jamie Dimon and where Cryptocurrencies Are Headed From Here

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Jeff, along with Sterlin Lujan, is interviewed by Terry Brock, topics include: the recent crypto-crash/correction, Jamie Dimon, where is the price headed now, the role of China, the Chinese exchanges and ICO's, decentralized exchanges, Chinese people largely ignore government regulation in China, Bitcoin is the honey badger of money, the more authorities crack down, the more anonymous and decentralized technologies will emerge, crypto to change the world, the most promising cryptos going ahead, Anarchapulco 2018!

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30 thoughts on “CryptoCrash – Jeff Berwick on China, Jamie Dimon and where Cryptocurrencies Are Headed From Here

    1. You can fix that post production though. You should be able to get the audio from the video put it into audacity, clean it, re-render. I could upload this dollar vigilante video without the background noise essentially.

  1. Bitcoin is not a is completely decentralized peer to peer without any need for a trusted 3rd party..there can be only 21 million ever created and cannot be shutdown unless you turn off the internet then the whole World would shutdown!! So there thats my story and I’m sticking to it!!! lol

  2. Jeff….I didn’t fall back to sleep because I was taking my mum for a doctor’s appointment but when I logged on and saw 2900, I tried to buy but the wire transfer I did the day before still wasn’t showing up on my account so I couldn’t buy any!! Crazy because I am systematically buying on these drops and only have 20% of my total funds to use, invested so far. Fingers crossed for some more crashes before the market hits that parabolic curve some time early next year. This market is teaching me patience!

  3. Actually Communist China has slave nets, suicide nets, outside and within the warehouse is in China. Slave labor. I would call that a communist country on so many workers die or go crazy and kill themselves

  4. Love your work jeff! To the haters angry at jeffs success and wealth, I say this…
    Our #Talmudic Zionist slave masters have been making quadrillion’s off human labor thru USERY living in lavish luxury for centuries. But one slave(Jeff berwick) frees his mind and body from the chains and whips of slavery and begins to live wealthy and well off and people have heart attacks.
    “Haters gonna hate,
    aiters gonna ain’t.” – James Franco

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