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53 thoughts on “Cryptocurrencies Hit New All-Time High To Ring In 2018!

    1. Are you kidding me? They are coming for blood, and you can bet they are going to find a lot of it!!!! Just look at history, multiple millions and millions dead for not obeying {their} “system”!!!! this hasn’t even started yet!!!

    2. Selim Bisevac there is one thing that might be missing. If/ when the collapse finally begins (although i think this is a process that is already under way rather than a one time occurence) and the money masters realize they fail to control the process and discredit cryptos they might go as far as shutting down internet. This idea might seem preposterous at first glance but I live in (CIA-subverted) Ukraine and have seen powers-that-be shut off all russian TV channels, then going as far as banning major russian e-mail servers, top russian social networks most popular in Ukraine and news domains (you can’t physically enter top russian social networks and e-mails servers most ukrainians used to keep their accounts with while in Ukraine). Now they are seriously contemplating shutting down You-tube to cut the last line that keeps Ukrainians informed on real news about Russia. Ironically, the powers-that-be claim Ukraine to be sharing “european values”. Now that you know the truth about my country Do you really believe the banksters will fail to find a way to shut down the internet (or restrict its functionality) if things go really rough for the US dollar ? If you do, read my letter again.

  1. MonaCoin is weird af, I know. It is a coin made in japan, and now you can even use it to buy stuff in some popular Japanese stores. It only got popular because Japanese people like to use stuff that’s made by other Japanese people.

    1. Excessive immigration did not reach the shores of their little island. Thk God !
      Their traditional heritage was not destroyed, so yes they’re still PATRIOTS.
      That’s also why I don’t buy NEO but Ethereum. Japanese Style aka SMART.

    2. Max Thurston exactly. While I’m not sure if it has some rechnical inovation, but I do know the dog Mona is basically japans version of Doge(which is ironic, since shiba inus come from Japan)

    1. Gene Everett

      Well…. yea but it’s a long term hold.. so not really? The game is to choose the best performing coin? Winning.
      To double my investment in 8 hours. Winning.
      Along with a portfolio of alt coins.. win all day..

    1. Yeah I sold my XRP early too but I did buy Cardano ADA with most of it. I think it will be the better choice in the long run. I cant see bankers using XRP anyway.

  2. Ripple crap banker coin seems to be heading the charge whats wrong with these people this was all set up to escape the banks but u cant tell the brain washed sheep that. ………

    1. It will overtake bitcoin unless bitcoin fixes its problems. What did u guys expect? Crypto big heads are calling for bitcoin ETF,s and cheering wall street comijg. Of course the banker coin was gonna start moving. Bitcoin should of been kept underground longer to work out scaling

    2. As much as I hate banks.. if its better than the banking systems current system It has value and people recognize that. I wouldn’t consider it a crypto though if its patented and private. (disclaminer I don’t know jack about ripple just what i’ve skimmed through the grape vines)

    3. yeah its just people thinking about profits, but to me ill NEVER support anything that can help the banks , I want store of value and private coins outside the banker BS

  3. I hope Ripple goes down in flames. Screw Ripple. I rather deal with the high transaction fee with Bitcoin and save my soul. I hold the majority of my coins in Litecoin. Thanks for the videos! Voluntaryism for the WIN!!!

  4. Remember that Jeff Berwick lost his money in the dot com crash and like everyone else believed we were enetering a new economy. Old fools never learn. Make money on way up and then lose it all on way down. People cant believe it could happen but history repeats itself like an ol boring movie

    1. The lessons in life are usually learned on the losing end. Not everyone learns, but some will when the hangover from bitcoin mania occurs. The bitcoin pushers on youtube have a combined millions of followers. That by itself can manipulate the value for a short term, for as long as large amounts of cash are going in. I don’t like our fiat currency system, but the concept of replacing a bad thing with cashless is totally f*ked. Best case scenario, if bitcoin crashes, then it’s just another pyramid scheme scam. What would be truly scary is if it succeeds…that would mean we’ll all be forced to take a chip soon which will track every transaction we make, because govt. will certainly need to ‘step in’ and control it. Deep State governments don’t just allow competing ‘organic’ currencies come up out of nowhere for no good reason. Problem, Reaction, Solution.

    2. The Rocket Radio Show Put you money where your mouth is then and time will tell. If you become a bitcoin billionaire it won’t hurt my feelings any. You are entitled to your opinions and beliefs just as I am mine.

  5. Jeff…. c’mon man! you gotta give up on this clepto-currency bullcrap. I’m starting to think YOU are one of THEM…. herding all the sheep into electronic slaughter, just so you don’t have to admit that you are wrong. Stick to the anarchy stuff please.

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