Dan Larimer on the Future of EOS and Decentralized Applications

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Jeff interviews returning guest Dan Larimer of Steemit and EOS in this subscriber first access video. Topics include: the EOS project, it's goals, millions of decentralized transactions per second, differences from Ethereum, Ethereum not up to task for decentralized apps, decentralized governance, block production vs mining pools, factors effecting EOS token price, project ahead of schedule, the token distribution process and investment concerns, buying handling and storing EOS tokens, token registration,

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53 thoughts on “Dan Larimer on the Future of EOS and Decentralized Applications

  1. last time they recommended EOS since then it lost -67% in value, while they have A YEAR LONG ICO!!! exhausting buyers, thats why price is crashing for months and will continue to crash.

    1. “I’m so glad I invested $2000 in EOS!  It’s turned into almost $200!” Putting that amount of money into EOS all at once this far out would be considered by most a poor investment strategy. IMO, putting up to $100 into EOS every month over the course of the next two years would be a much better strategy.

  2. No thanks, no chance will they compete with Ethereum, or Lisk, or other top platforms. This guy will most likely move to another team before they kick off, he is not in it for our future, don’t be fooled. I say it again, this coin will not compete with top coins, ever. Every coin will be way ahead by the time they’re ready. If you want a good platform, go Lisk – Ethereum – Komodo.

  3. Jeff do your homework before you bring on guests. Your line of questioning was all over the map and irrelevant. Like you stating its trading lower than the cash value and that was a good investment opportunity. After Dan corrected you you said you knew that. No you didn’t. EOS is the best asymmetric (low downside risk with huge upside opportunity) in crypto. Double down on your investment Jeff.

    1. It’s a snapshot, you’ll get 1 to 1 tokens. You don’t need to register a name or any association to you, it’s just a registration to a crypto address.

    2. @F3YAW the only thing “preventing” US investors from EOS tokens is the GEO-IP blocker on eos.io that can easily be gotten around by a VPN. Registering your tokens has nothing to do with geographic location.

  4. Super interview, brilliant to keep all the great work people are doing in the public view, reading the comments by a few trolls it seems a few have apprehension. Personally I would prefer to take the risk of failure rather than using skepticism a reason not too buy.

  5. Eos and Icon are going to be massive in 2018 too 2019. This long ico does alow Dan to make a more superior platform as well as build its adoption to up and coming and established businesses looking to capitalized on the blockchain technology. Ethereum may be the first, but that doesn’t mean it will hold the crown forever folks.

  6. DAN is a Ron Paul guy, that makes him very very smart and honest. I’m going to be loading up on more EOS! When it hits 500$ I’ll be able to say that I bought it at .50 cents.

    1. I agree and I like the fact that he is not chasing the money and he would rather create a superior product… that’s why’s EOS will moon.. doing the right thing regardless of what anyone thinks.. I am going to start to load up on EOS and hold..

    2. It is incredible many people (I think these are paid LISK guys) in comment section call Dan scam artist without any proof. Dan is true libertarian and the most honest guy in whole cryptospace, plus one of the best experts in the field.
      He is the only reason why I invest in EoS. He has proven record (Bitshares + Steemit), knowledge, experience and is free market guy. Ho got me at hello…

  7. No one understands that dan is restricted by legal laws to say what is going to happen with this coin. Dan larimer is one of the smartest people alive in this space, and he can’t afford to be tripped up by legal proceedings by saying something that promises something. This thing is going to fly to the moon and will be in the top five coins. If you payed 50c or $5 it won’t matter in time, he has stated before that he wants to make everyone wealthy, hence the 12 month ico. He does not need the money, you can only spend so much. He has never been drunk, so what do you spend it on ?

    As you may already know, the internet consists of many Institutional routers and ISP services that are interconnected in many different ways. This physical layer of hardware is what really constitutes the most essential part of the internet, without it there would be no interconnection.
    Additional software layers are built on top of this hardware infrastructure to shape the data in such a way that we can effectively communicate using the hardware’s potential. The hardware are basically just the laws of physics (the physical limitation and bandwidth potential), but the software is our use of those physics (efficient and secure or not so much).
    TCP/IP is the shared protocol that we all hear about and use every day for sharing files on the internet. UDP is what we use to share voice over ip, and other such real time streaming services.
    As users of the internet, we can really only participate as “end-users”. We can only add hardware to the outer layer of the network; but we cannot invest at the network’s core infrastructure which is controlled by all of the ISP’s, and internet backbone moguls.
    For the first time ever, EOS is providing us with the opportunity to participate in the hardware infrastructure level of the internet. The most important and essential layer. We no longer have to be passengers of the internet rail road system, we can now become owners of the internet rail road system.
    Bitcoin allowed you to own your own bank by removing the middle man from the money transfer industry. EOS allows you to be your own ISP for the “internet of value” by giving you a share of the bandwidth of the network when you buy EOS.
    I can’t imagine all of the possibilites that will be opened up to the small guys because of this new frontier. You now can own a seat at the table with the ISP moguls of old, and you now can be in control of network resources.
    Share your thoughts…

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