Doug Casey On Trump, Cryptocurrencies, the Coming Collapse and the End of Western Civilization

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Jeff interview the original international man, veteran speculator and personal mentor, Doug Casey. Topics include: Doug's new highly rated novel 'Drug Lord', Donald Trump and his lack of philosophical core, the new divide of hate, potential for civil or nuclear war, the upcoming financial collapse, the decline of western civilization, the end of capitalism? a solipsist philosophy, the usefulness of crypto and blockchain tech, the gold and mining industry is a dinosaur industry, mining stocks cheap again, gold and silver prices, the situation in Europe, growing government overreach, international diversification, a turn around in Argentina,

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40 thoughts on “Doug Casey On Trump, Cryptocurrencies, the Coming Collapse and the End of Western Civilization

    1. Switzerland is still good. They have a limit of 11% on federal spending and the decentralized kantons are competing – keeping the taxes low. It’s an expensive place to live though. Central Schweiz has a max of 20% income tax and 0% tax on investments.

    1. Goyim Liberator – The Molyneux cult blame women for anything and everything. The site is full of irrational little boys creating hate and division.

    2. Goy Liberator. Despite getting a lot of slagging off, I noticed your comment has the most likes out of the replies on this thread. Men have been silenced by feminists. You can’t expect anyone to agree with you in writing!

  1. I read Casey and Hunt’s “Speculator” last year. Good book. A bit preachy at times (e.g. characters will give slightly awkward monologues about moral and economic principles), so if you’re not an individualist, you might not like it. But if you’re subscribed to this channel, you probably *will* like it. It’s an adventure novel where a smart, principled guy is the hero and the bad guys are governments and sociopaths who want to take his money or worse. Looking forward to Drug Lord.

    1. Conor Mcgregor yeah I think that’s right…a kind of geriatric coffin fever… as the grim reaper approaches…especially if they don’t have children, and don’t appreciate nature…then they have no stake in the future…these people are sociopaths….

    2. To be fair, Doug Casey predicted the exact same thing almost 40 years ago. He is just a broken clock making money by fear and ignorance like other gold pumpers.

  2. Socialism is not bad. We’ve got free social and health care in the UK and it doesn’t financially ruin us if we need health care, unlike the USA

  3. Jeff should interview more investors and individuals that are investing their money abroad in a various areas like agriculture, real estate, construction, banking, energy, farming, logistics etc.

  4. thanks guys, and i do give you credit for giving the chile development a try.
    I like to have updates as this whole rotten ship heads for the rapids.
    I have been working on wild foods . I know you both are health guys and i am too, i like the videos that you do and have been doing many of the same things. i have been hitting wild foods hard,mostly plants and i have found many secrets.
    I think that is the direction the smartest people will head, it definitely is the place where the controllers lose ,also the greatest protection in the event of a crisis. I can live anywhere and always have excellent fresh food in a few minutes of foraging. the edible plants are everywhere and they are excellent,this knowledge is very well hidden, i find almost no one knows about this. Most think foraging is collecting mushrooms and berries,its not ! the answer is usually right in front of our nose and we dont see it, that is what the controllers have made happen. most people i talk too believe the wild areas are full of poison and the food is at the store. crazy.
    Organic food is the hegalian dialectic(dont trust it), its a controlled LIE. even the farmers market items are not what we think. only naturally composted soils with no cultivation ,natural seeds from years of natural selection and no sprays or fertilizers are trustworthy and that ONLY happens in the wild. Anything that farmers do is going to be inferior to what is natural, especially turning the soil which kills the micro-organisms that are needed to connect to the minerals in the soil,this requires the farmers to add nitrogen the in turn produces empty calorie foods.
    Its very simple but most people are NOT seeing thru this part of the matrix. shawn
    google li ching yeong who lived 256 yrs.

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