Earning Money With Bitcoin Mining And Marketing

Earn 10-30% pm Safely Trading Forex On Autopilot

Largest drawdown during 19 years back testing and 2 years live testing is 33%

£15 monthly payment is the only up front out of pocket expense

20% of profits paid at the beginning of every month


Not tied in for any length of time

£1000 minimum deposit in your own ICMarkets broker account

Paypal account is required

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Account Doubled in 14 weeks



Check out Bitclub here:

USA residents can access Bitclub using a VPN, download the Opera browser from here:

Follow these instructions to set up a VPN:


37 thoughts on “Earning Money With Bitcoin Mining And Marketing

  1. hope you are ok Jeff, you look stressed out brother or a big sniff of cocaine haha, too bad you can’t use bitcoin to make a line haha love it, Cryptos all the way!

  2. Joby Weeks…The modern-day Charles Ponzi.

    He may be “smarter” when it comes to scamming others out of their labor and savings, but he and his ideas have literally created ZERO value for others.

  3. Just to be clear with everyone here. MLM is a scam when the model and profits is based off of the pyramid. For example, Herbalife. In order to sell herbalife, you need to buy it in the premise of an “investment”. From what I understand here, it doesn’t require you to purchase and sell anything for profit.

    1. Same thing i think, basicly you can invest in pool shares and reinvest profits to grow. The mlm is a mere side option.
      The only confusion is theres a scam site thats named bitclub.io

    1. Last night I bought food at Starbucks with Bitcoin for the first time. That made it real for me. I’m never looking back now. Thanks again for all you do brother. I feel like I just got broken out of prison. Thank you thank you thank you!

  4. Ive never made money investing in mining contracts. I even lost money buying the latest miner in 2014 never roi’d. I stick to just buying bitcoin with the $ instead and then use tht to trade and increase my pot. Works alot better for me

  5. Jeff this thing your promoting is very shady my friend, 1st red flag a multimillion dollar mining operation can’t even maintain the website it’s crashed on me before I could signup so I left and done some more digging. 2nd red flag, they say it’s all free but they contradict themselves by asking for $99 membership fee, im still trying to figure that one out. 3rd red flag when I looked at the pool site i saw most transactions were for same member names this is the last an final nail in the coffin for me, because if they have 10s of thousands of people from 90 country since 2014 then how on earth are only a few people getting the rewards on most occasions? This for me means we pay for commission with that $99 and we also pay for all the equipment while people on the top are getting rich! So this is just another rich becomes rich and poor man go beg after I take your money situation or in other words a ponzi scheme where lots of people are going to loose money in the future sadly, this does not promote mass adoption this says stay away from Bitcoin while whomever collected most Bitcoin doesn’t care because they will probably cash out or hodl for future. Sad buddy very sad indeed i don’t see any good coming out of this. I’m much better off with genesis mining at least they are transparent they might be expensive but they certainly don’t ask for membership fees to see what they offer and i have done comparisons between mining with my own rig and mining in genesis and i can tell you I receive the same amount on both except one cost me a lot of electric and the other cost me in price of contract but ultimately I make almost the same amount either way, this Bitclub is not singing the right song imo it’s screaming out scam…….

  6. I don’t trust company which hides and advertises itself under the table via youtube and colleagues. Freezing 500 bucks with something like that, “buying equipment”, no thanks. I could bet like this 50 but not more.

  7. I’m very surprised at Jeff. Has he really done proper research and due diligence into bitclub? One thing that always annoys me with scammer Jobi is he never mentions that it is Genesis that does the mining for bitclub. He constantly (so does Jeff) bigs up bitclub and how great it is but never mentions that when you make a contract purchase you are buying into Genesis mining equipment and Genesis are running it. I like a lot of what Jeff does but promoting bitclub and giving out his link is beyond belief. It’s a Ponzi PERIOD. I mine with Genesis and get my mining at cost. Now ask yourself where bitclub make their money, there is only one answer……………

    1. Aaron Bennett sounds like they are going to genesis but ill still give you the benefit of doubt, send me the link to the tons videos and btw the trip to Iceland looks more like a trip to genesis lol

    2. Aaron, I think the point is being missed completely by many on here. I have never heard Mr Joby say that they have their own farm and for good reason. If you were running bitclub would you not say publicly that you produce Bitcoin yourself using your own farm? Of course you would, you would have it all over social media and everywhere else, it’s called marketing. Here is my point as clear as I can make it. I have mining contracts with Genesis for various coins, therefore I have invested in the purchase of mining equipment, mainly chips but money goes towards the whole operation of course. I could go to any of their farms (by appointment) including Iceland and drape a banner here and there with my company name on it and make videos because that is what is being done and I own some of the equipment because I put my money into it. When bitclub started, do you think they had their own farm? No, they had to use an already established farm where they could get the best deal .Do you think they own a farm now? If mr joby said hey guys, we use Genesis because we get the best deal from them or we use John McAfees farm there would be a conflict of interest right? It’s all a matter of disclosure/non disclosure… I understand why he keeps quiet but it still annoys me.
      Final point, where do bitclub get their money from? Where do the margins come from? It’s easy to work out. It’s certainly not from my money.

  8. The Dow Jones IA is heading for 23,000 points.
    A little while ago it hit 22.812 points.
    Pure speculation but if it were to hit 23,333.333 and then drop 66.666666% it would go down 15,555.555 points to 7,777.778 points.
    On Oct 29th it will be the 88th anniversary of Black Tuesday Stock Market crash in 1929.
    Oct 29 will also be 11x11x11 days since MH370 went missing on 8th Mar 2014.

  9. Using the words “MLM” and “Ponzi schem” in the same sentence usually reflects a gross ignorance of what an MLM is. Often the word “pyramid” is included so here is the difference.:

    Here, in the U.S., the MLM concept is perfectly legal.
    The pyramid is NOT legal.
    They resemble each other and there is a legal litmus test to apply. There is usually an entry fee (an “opportunity” fee) to join. The test revolves around how much of the income is derived from the entry fee compared to earnings from actual sales of products. If more income is derived from recruiting members and the ensuing entry fees then it is probably an illegal pyramid scheme. If, on the other hand, the members earn the majority of their money from actual sales then it is a legal MLM. As a former manager in a real estate office, I used to get override commissions on the sales of my salespeople which were designed to incentivize me to train and help them make sales. The MLM model uses the same incentives

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