Everything the Govt Says is a Lie – Jeff Berwick on Silver Doctors

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Jeff is interviewed by Elijah Johnson for Silver Doctors. Topics include: the fraudulent mainstream financial system, the dot com bubble, central banking, origins of TDV, the coming economic collapse, secret societies, a real education outside the system, benefits of travel, the great awakening, the lies of government, false flags and war, fixing your self, meditation and higher vibration, change the world by changing yourself, a TDV gold stock tip!

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40 thoughts on “Everything the Govt Says is a Lie – Jeff Berwick on Silver Doctors

  1. If you post comments on Finance and Liberty that Elijah doesn’t like and it doesn’t fit his agenda and storyline he will delete them. Do not think that Elijah Johnson is all about free speech, the deleted comments are proof of that.

    1. I know Elijah Johnson deletes comments because I once commented against one of his Youtube videos about the Shill guest he was interviewing, and the following day my comment vanished. I then email his gmail account and asked why he deleted my comment, I never got a reply. I can prove all of this too, I have screen shots and emails I can show you.
      So YES, Elijah parades around as a Liberatarian, as long as nobody questions or challenges him.

  2. all the bitcoin in the world cant buy ur good health and great family and friends who love you… im happy being a simple small time crypto millionaire… billions dont impress me… case closed :>/

    1. chrisiden Money isn’t everything. But for an increasing number of Americans, lack of money is a shackle that prevents many from living their lives, having children, spending time with friends, etc. Bitcoin is the salvation of the little guy.

  3. I remember a time when we were aware the REAL WORLD dynamic of ’cause
    and effect’ but people are no longer allowed to discuss this and will be
    oppressed if they ‘try’.
    Our ‘Masters’ would prefer we address problems one symptom at a time as a
    holistic view of Life is not sanctioned or allowed.

    We are ‘stuck’ with an ever-shrinking list of BAD “choices” and every
    single one of them is a calculated genocide…

    1. To me the block chain tech would provide us with another stab at a culture that might free individuals to be inspired to ‘move’ and ‘create.’

      The idea of policing language and thought is not for those that ‘invent’ or ‘create.’ As such I will not serve a lowly wyrm.

  4. i agree with everything you said too.I’m no christian.never even been christened.but i believe the world is run by luciferians from everything i’ve learned.whether lucifer and god exist or not doesn’t matter.the people with all the power and control believe in, and worship lucifer.Truth is crazy.but i love it.

  5. Hey Jeff I’m like you except with less btc lol, done Ayahuasca on my own San Pedro etc.. Fanatically like u investigated 9/11 and false flages, totally aware of the Roman Empire/deep state and the circles behind it and even beyond a possible saturnalian monster race that controls and commands illuminati/Vatican/Jesuits…and all these stuff you mentioned…I’m pretty sure there are uncountable number of civilisations out there cos if u analyze human history there’s a fingerprint that indicates a mastermind behind it, which must possess intelligence beyond human, and possibly has a lifespan that is multiple millennia long cos the Orders follow the same goal since Babylon. And there must be a source of will behind it that never changes over the centuries….
    Anyway loved listening to you man. So glad there are ppl like you out there cos in real life I don’t know any.

    1. Explain to me then why the hidden leaders of this civilisation or cult are Saturn worshipers??
      Since Babylon.
      5000 yrs
      What is that so important with S?
      The symbols are everywhere: M,W,S
      Are you aware of the things they practice since at least 5000yrs?

      The agenda they pushing generation after generation points to the same direction.
      If you want to achieve smtg you got to have an idea a vision. The Order executes this vision since 5000yrs.
      To build a one world government.
      This vision can’t originate from a human mind who lived 5k yrs ago. Nobody would give a sh*t nor pushing it after a while.
      Yet they still do.

  6. Hey Jeff…. there is a guy named Quinn Michael here on YouTube, the guy reveals that Bitcoin, crypto and fake news are all AI by globalists, I am very curious to hear your opinion on this.

    1. krisztian kertesz after listening to Quinn, i am inclined to believe it too. The guys arguments are so valid. Who the hell is satoshi? And why does bitcoin blockchain source code heal itself???

      The best hacker on the planet tried compromising it, he says every vulnerability he identified seemed to heal itself like “someone” was wstching…

      So I am inclined to agree that its NOT “they cant stop it”, maybe we were all fooled and its “we cant stop them”

      I am really concerned about this

    2. MeetBushe
      Now that is some scary sh*t
      No I never listened that guy nor heard about this self healing thing
      Wow that’s tough if true

      I only heard it from Andreas that he spent months and months nonstop like a freak to discover and understand it deeply and he said the longer he digs the more question it raises
      It is not a product of a human mind
      It is not a product of a team of humans
      It can’t
      Simple as that
      Either AI
      or that Saturn being these folks worship since the human history WE can remember
      I’d bet on AI though
      Def I’m gonna check that vid out thx

    3. MeetBushe

      Also if u noticed
      In all territory of life blockchain will penetrate and take over
      Medical records can be stored and refreshed
      Insurance date
      Obv finance
      Identical data’s
      Its gonna be like a virtual copy from real life stored and updated realtime
      That’s the perfect requirements for Skynet to have all information
      Oh your gdmn location
      Or heartbeat, blood type, allergy, psychological profile.etc..in real time, thats scary man

  7. Jeff this very good work you are doing. This state of consciousness that you are achieving is a direct result of being pleasing to the Supreme. Some people are talking about salvation but this is still in the wrong direction because this is self centered. Simply pleasing the Supreme will help you automatically but the secret is that focusing on your own happiness or salvation actually takes you away from the true inner peace that you desire. Love to talk to you and help in your outreach efforts. I practice devotional yoga called Bhakti which simply focuses on loving devotional service to the Lord. Thank you for helping me see things more clearly. If you want any you tube links or books on this subject let me know. I always happy to share.

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