German Central Bank Warns Not To Use Bitcoin As It Is Not Backed By A Central Bank

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35 thoughts on “German Central Bank Warns Not To Use Bitcoin As It Is Not Backed By A Central Bank

    1. It doesnt fucking matter ffs, people are pathetic. he did not say its german either he could say something in Chinese if he wanted too.. dont be so close minded like the elite want you to.

    2. you’re receiving a bit of flack on this one, but it’s harmless. Wien (Vienna) is the capital city of Austria. It is generally accepted that the Wiener Schnitzel comes from Austria but historically there are claims that in fact the Austirans copied a similar meat preparation from the northern Italians (bordered to Austria such as Tyrol). The Germans do like it and it is very popular in Germany so one can be inclined to think it is indeed German. After all the Germans and Austrians also had very close ties. But the guy here didn’t reeally claim the Wiener schnitzel is German per se. He just choked on it in his sarcastic remark… 😀

  1. The current currency the euro/dollar etc is not backed by anything (anymore) other than empty promises. It just numbers, paper and a few pieces of low value alloy metal coins.

  2. You’ve been proven right in so many ways, you’ve helped me make 15 thousand dollars this year and an extra 10k last year, only wish I listened to you sooner. Thank you

  3. Its a joke Germans to talk about bitcoin to be a scam when they feed the mother of all scams Deutche Bank which has been saved at the expense of Greece, Cyprus,Spain and Porgugal ….

  4. Bitcoin is the future, it will stop these money monger bankers. We nee more like these so banks can start wobbling! The are scared because it takes control out of their greedy hands!

  5. The German banker is correct. No one can confirm who the actors are who are behind BitCoin. You cannot fight an invisible electronic enemy. Even enemies need to see enemies to either negotiate or battle.

    1. u need to learn how bitcoin work first before asking this questions. But the actors are the people who owns bitcoin, not banks , we control our money no one other do it for us and take extra fees.

    2. It’s anyone’s guess as to the the actors behind Bitcoin. But my guess would be Tom Hanks and the guy who played Larry on Three’s Company. I hear Gary Coleman did some work on the blockchain before his death also

  6. My bitcoin account keeps growing on a daily basis, while a bank deposit account does not grow in one year by even the amount the bitcoin one earns in one day! The difference is clear…

  7. Cryptocurrency not being connected to a central bank is actually a major point why I buy them.

    I hope the central banking system will choke to death on cryptos!

  8. I’m a bitcoin fan myself, but the ignorance of this statement is scary “If we all held bitcoin we would all be rich”. Really? If everybody bought bitcoin at the same excact time everybody would have as much in bitcoin as the value of the money they bought it for. Only if some buy it early and some later on there would be some people that would get rich from buying it. But it also means that some would lose money.

    1. Tnbeazy in the long run, everyone would win to the same extent that they are willing to work to earn their bitcoin.. as opposed to the current fraudulant welfare state system which steals wealth from many and redistributes it to others. The current system that can turn everyone into debt slaves with the push of computer buttons

    2. I agree with the second part. I’m just not convinced that bitcoin is our answer. I think it’s the start of something greater. I don’t think bitcoin will cease to exist, but I’m pretty sure that it’s technology is suited to solve the problems that it say it will. It’s too inificient.

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