Gold & Silver Investors: Will We See Windfall Profit Taxes Or Confiscation? Mike Maloney

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50 thoughts on “Gold & Silver Investors: Will We See Windfall Profit Taxes Or Confiscation? Mike Maloney

  1. Gov`t makes public law so confiscation wont affect a private man with
    private property[silver/gold].
    If you’re still worried and don’t know how to defend your rights then you
    can melt it down into a blob and call it art , no laws on having or selling
    a silver/gold statue etc . Also art,jewellery supplies were exempt, so
    might be time to take up a new hobby and call yourself an amateur private
    Think outside the box .

    1. +Mike Boutwell
      Most probably what i said will only work in Common law countries were a
      man/woman can stand in their natural state.
      While most European countries put the group before the individual .
      If your European country recognizes the Universal declaration of human
      rights then try.
      Article 17.(1) Everyone has the right to own property alone as well as in
      association with others.
      (2) No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his property.

      The Gov`t assumes it has a ownership of your property so let them no via
      NOTICE you don’t want any 3rd party involvement in your private property.

    2. +Anon mouse
      Nice one, i brought a ring stretcher/shrinker and other ring making tools
      and i make coin rings , always good to have the proof you have been making
      them for years as back up evidence if needed.

    1. Numismatics are collectable coins, usually rare, and usually priced waaaay
      over spot price of gold or silver. hArder to find the right buyer when the
      time comes to sell.

  2. what you failed to mention about numis is that they’re not reportable to
    the IRS like bullion is. so is this simply an omission on your part or do
    you have a bullion selling agenda?

    1. Your information is incorrect. You may sell many kinds of bullion (example,
      up to a kilo of gold bars) without IRS reporting. You may sell any number
      of gold or silver eagles without any IRS reporting.

    2. no it isn’t incorrect, just miscontrued. the bullion i’m referring to are
      his medallions that he pushes. eagles are bullion yet they are legal
      tender, which is why i didn’t mention them. i also didn’t differentiate
      between domestic and foreign bullion because the comment would get too
      lengthy. i’m not interested in getting into what is a 1099 event and what
      isn’t becuse there are many interpretations of tax code out there. bottom
      line, you missed the point entirely. the comment was directed at his numis

    3. +SilverMountain
      i know several dealers who will ask for you SSN for much less. it’s all
      over the map. but again, the comment should be aimed at NUMIS and not

  3. Do you match shipping costs?…..I can get free shipping at JM Bullion when
    I spend $100…..With your site I have to spend $500 to get free shipping

    1. Hi. “I do not sell numismatics”. Do you think coins like Gold Canadian
      Maple Leaf that you also sell, does not count as numismatics? Does those
      coins has the same value in a potential increase as a bullion gold bar for
      example? Thank you 🙂

  4. The Constitution says that property cannot be taken without due process of
    law. Gold was confiscated by Presidential decree, later “legitimized” by
    Congress, but there was never any due process, which is your right to a
    hearing in court regarding the nature of the public purpose, and the
    justness of the compensation. The term “nationalization” is meaningless.

  5. any suggestions on how someone with very little income can buy gold/silver
    in small (im talking tiny…) amounts? im dirt poor, but I could spend a
    few bucks now and then. I want small amounts for bartering in some type of
    emergency scenario. thats my goal .

    1. mike conley You have a few options. You can buy Silver one ounce coins at
      your local dealer for spot plus a commission. Of course the more you buy at
      one time the less their markup is. Another option is to get together with
      other buyers in your family or circle of friends who want to buy as well
      and buy together. You can also try to find someone who buys in quantity for
      themselves and see if they will let you add a little to their next order.

    2. If you have extra cash I would stock up on goods you need that can last
      like some food goods. You see if inflation hits, silver may or may not rise
      depending on how the banks want to set price but food will always be useful
      and price will rise. If you were not dirt poor I would have a small
      allocation if PMs, but goods are more important if money is an issue.

    1. I think he’s saying that there will be no windfall profits taxes on gold
      and silver unless/until after physical cash is banned. So they ban physical
      cash, then everything becomes electronic but people can buy gold and silver
      rather than suffer negative interest rates, then they go after silver and
      gold. Look at India as a test case on this scenario, because they just
      banned all but small bills and gold might be next.

  6. hi Mike, i know u dont sell numismatics, but on one of your videos of what
    Mike is buying now u said u like the $20 Saint Gaudens Gold Piece not the
    bullion $20 eagle because u thought it was UGLY compared to the a real
    history st gauden gold piece… is the st gaudens gold piece considered
    Numismatic? i like them to, but for resale i feel more comfortable with
    just a gold eagle…as i know i wont be jipped by lower premiums when i
    sell… just my humble 2 cents opinion … keep up the great videos and
    thank u for all u do for us here… happy holidays…

  7. Well that will just create a black market problem solved!✔ The government
    are thieves plain & simple. It’s like if I bet on a horse race if I hit the
    tri I have to go to tax window! The government didn’t take any risk yet
    they are going to tax you? What a crock of you know what. Same with pm’s
    they didn’t take any risk so screw them❗

    1. The government won’t confiscate gold because the dollar is no longer pegged
      to it. If the government decides to start pegging gold to the us dollar
      then maybe. Its gauranteed they wont confiscate and if they did they would
      allow trade in for some value probably less than what its worth.

  8. As I’ve taken your advice and used it, I’ve noticed a cycle that gold rises
    dramatically on Mondays as a general rule then declines on a Friday, why
    does this happen

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