Gold & Silver Off To Shining Start to 2017

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34 thoughts on “Gold & Silver Off To Shining Start to 2017

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  1. Stop misleading people. We all know that gold is going to crash back to
    1060 area this month before bouncing back up. This is a false breakout.
    Thank me later.

  2. It’s basically 2008 all over again. HUI will go back to 100, gdx back down
    to 10-13 range. Don’t get caught in the dead cat bounce. I timed the miners
    crash in 2016 to the tee.

    1. Creamish Cream, Thanks for the info and i guess you’re correct☺,because i
      was looking at the 2008 Gold Chart and the highest peak was in March at
      aprox:$1010 and then the 2nd half of the same year,it stayed between $710
      and $990,but mainly under $900.

    2. massive deflation drops commodities, but gold/silver are not standard
      types. also. wouldn’t we need massive debt removal for deflation? if we
      stay with qe we will continue with inflation? even if deflates, won’t that
      be short-term? even if prices drop, won’t that just be in relative dollar

  3. ON Aug. 4, 2016 You could buy six months of food in Venezuela with one
    ounce of Silver.
    I hope people wake up and start to open their eyes.
    If you were in India right now, you would really appreciate having Silver.

  4. I’d hold off any celebrations for now, here’s why: the criminals took gold
    and silver DOWN more than 12% over the past 6 weeks and it has only gone up
    about 4% over the past 2 weeks. So the criminals TOOK 12% and then “gave
    back” 4% – not a reason to celebrate. I’ll start a party when gold tops
    $1,375 and silver tops $22.

    1. Yes, but on Tuesday, 2 August 2016 it was at $1,370 — and as recently as 4
      November 2016 it was at $1,305. That’s a take-down of $173 and $108
      respectively from Friday’s close. Like I said, I’d hold off any
      celebrations for now. $1,375 and $22 are the “magic” numbers that I’m
      waiting for before popping the champagne.

  5. All prices are now digitally controlled with the high profile numbers to
    be set outright if and when necessary. The metals are bout to get SMASHED
    again thanks to digital control. History will show that the story of this
    era was central bank digital control of asset prices… A slow and
    continuous transition from price discovery on a digital platform to
    complete outright digital price control. IN the end it will be apparant why
    asset prices moved to the moon in isolation from the real economy. Reality
    will return only when there are markets again. And that is still years

    1. Bitcoin for long term gains (3 to 5 years). Stocks are going higher on
      instant digital numbers alone with no real value being added. (immediate to
      6 months). STcoks and Bitcoin will rise together but for very different
      reasons. The bitcoin rise is legitimate on fiat purchases, and the stock
      rise is illegitimate digital control and/or fake fiat creation bids. The
      metals will explode when the system crashes and the metals will again
      support the monetary system (after the banks fill their quota purchases at
      suppressed prices) They will reprice based on all the fiat in circulation.
      In the meantime gold and silver are going nowhere on central bank digital
      comex price control. But this will not happen before Bitcoin pulls back the
      curtain on the central bank market and money fraud because of its soaring
      free market discovered fiat price. Bitcoin must skyrocket first to reveal
      the fraud and force the political will to end fake fiat money.

  6. look at all the factors…the new shariah gold standard will be the biggest
    one that will drive the prices up…italian brexit….pound, euro, yen and
    dollar falling in general..German elections and French referendum…The
    world drowning in trillions of debt…more QE programmes….over valued
    stock market.. price manipulation is not conspiracy as duetshe bank showed
    this year…usa debt clock showing real price of gold and silver…many
    other factors too….throw all these ingredients in the pot and watch the
    lid blow off very soon!

    1. Yes, this is just deadcat bounce for gold…
      Sorry all but gold is dead – No one will ever use gold again to pay for
      Jeff turned into charlatan… its time to change our sources 🙂

      Internet has changed everything.
      Stick with BTC for now. Its bullish.

  7. Yes, they have been rising but the cartel can still slam them down with
    naked shorts on the COMEX anytime they want. It seems that until supply
    drys up, nothing will change………………I wonder if Trump will do
    anything about market manipulation at all?

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