Government Shut Down and Nobody Noticed

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44 thoughts on “Government Shut Down and Nobody Noticed

    1. Stokjokey.
      You could easily prove the earth is flat by booking a cruise to the Antarctic “Ice Wall” and sailing next to it for it’s unbroken 20,000 mile length. (FYI. The “Ice Wall” is what keeps ocean water from spilling off the flat earth—according to the FE’rs.)

      You could also book a charter flight from Sydney Aus. to Johannesburg S. Africa which could fly over the Antarctic, PROVING your “dome theory”…(or DIS proving it!).
      (FYI. There is a transparent “DOME” covering the Earth, the base of which is located somewhere in the Antarctic…again,,,according to FE theory.)

    1. We are bombarded here the last week. So sadly, that never shuts down. And the chemtrails that we can’t see can be seen with polarized sunglasses. It’s a haze not visible to the naked eye. Much like They Live.

  1. The interesting thing is nobody knows the worlds at the brink of a third war, this war will be fought with microwave technology and Bio chemicals sprayed upon general populance silent weapons for quiet wars – weather warfare is just another method.

    1. SleepWoke
      exactly, the third world war has been going on for years. That’s what they want you to be worried about. You have to have a govt to protect you from a third ww…

    2. SleepWoke
      WW3 was and still is “the war on terror and nations of concern” that’s how “the world” fights wars and keeps everybody in check now. This started decades ago and has been planned for far longer…

    3. No, no, that’s not what I am talking about. That’s the BS that is in the media. That is all propaganda. There is a whole other, deeper level of real secret stuff going on. You need to do some actual research. Pizzagate is real.

    4. SleepWoke
      I never said pizzagate wasn’t real. People have been aware of the occult being at the top since before the plant Alex Jones supposedly busted into Bohemian Grove and was reporting on the Bilderburg Group. Pizzagate is bringing more awareness but it is far from a war. 90 percent of the world are still ignoring these things although it is still progress. My point was that the world has been perpetrating a third wave of war for decades and are still getting away with it today whil they keep people in fear and a great example is the nuclear warning they just pushed in Hawaii.. Don’t assume that someone needs to do research when you have no idea what somebody is trying to convey..

  2. Regardless of which party is in power gov shutdowns never work. The out of work employees of the gov get back pay and basically just got days off to play. If your hope is in the government you will always be disappointed. Look to Jesus for tour eternal hope

    1. troyfreedom I don’t disagree that man has distorted the bible and we aren’t living as a society as we should…. But that doesn’t change who Jesus is and what he did for you. He understands frustration and disappointment but still has awesome plans for you life my brother…. He loves you.

    2. Nunya Bizness
      If man has distorted the Bible, how do we determine what part is real and what part is made up? In addition, if the Bible has been distorted by man, why would god allow such a thing to occur as it is his revelation to mankind? If he allowed mankind to distort his word, it would appear he is not in control and thus not very much of a god.

    3. troyfreedom you already know these answers. The Bible is inspired by the holy spirit and written by the hands of man. I believe the bible is perfect in its original writing. Could it have errors that have happened by the translation from Hebrew to Latin to Greek….maybe… If u wanted to argue the bible is only 99% accurate that is the best option there is for my life. If I am accountable for my belief and live my life from that perspective I am ok with that. What are u living your life for or based off what??? Your flawed manmade opinions and belief in yourself are much sillier than trusting in the bible….

  3. People need to wake up and realize that although some coins like Bitconnect may have been a bubble, the Crypto space overall IS NOT A BUBBLE, and it is here to stay. Banks and governments have 2 options – 1. Bow to their knees and embrace / work with it; or 2, Fall behind with the dinosaurs.

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