Greenspan Emerges From Tomb As Bitcoin Rises Above $16,000

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54 thoughts on “Greenspan Emerges From Tomb As Bitcoin Rises Above $16,000

    1. This channel used to be ahead of the time, but now it’s too slow. He produces videos too slow now.

      Mind you, dinosaur media is still 6 months late to any developing movement, and 6 years late to any fundamental paradigm shift.

    1. They shaved him down, gave him a nice tittie t-shirt, and threw him down in a cave. He won’t be getting in the way of the PTB now.. Or so they think. He has attack dogs that are plotting to bail him out.

    1. This guy thinks he’s a genius because he bought Bitcoin when it was cheap. He got lucky, and most of the people buying Bitcoin today are going to lose out in the longterm. Get ready for the crash.

    1. well if they think they will control bitcoin they have been subverted, 1300 new alternative coins, some with ACTUAL encryption and anonymity for every transaction, Zcash/Monero/Zclassic/ZenCash/Komodo/BitcoinZ/etc.

    2. ah, I see, @Apocalypse: and ‘monetization’ would be derived from ‘moon’ and ‘ethics’ and ‘a ton’ in your neat little book there? 🙂

    1. well, like they say with relationships to females – its complicated :p the entire planet is running on a system they call the fiat currency. thus, the entire system is made to deal with us$ or whatever currency you have in your country. A simple sollution could be, that you just ask your employer to translate your pay into crypto, say ETH. so if he would pay you 7000$, and ETH is worth 500$, then you ask him to send 14 ETH to your ETH-wallet.

  1. Jeff why do u lie about Peter ? He’s wrong on bitcoin I know. But why does that bother u so much u lie about him ? He has no connection to Rothchild and u knew it. Debate the man Don’t just make stuff up. It’s stuff like this that make me question if your haters are right about u

    1. jeff is a repeated scam artist, from property scam’s in galt’s gulch, chile, to passport scams in mexico, and his latest scam where he tried to sell bitcoin out and promote bitcoin cash, a centralized scam version of bitcoin. he is truly a shady mofo.

  2. There’s one big thing some seem to miss when trying to equate cryptocurrencies to a one world NWO currency – the real deep state (not the one Trump is supposedly fighting) need it to be CENTRALIZED for it to be of any benefit to them. A vast amount of cryptocurrencies are decentralized because of something truly evolutionary/revolutionary..something they couldn’t predict: the blockchain.

    1. Electronic HQ I totally agree but I have been thinking what IF Satochi was the NSA and they have a hidden back door in the code. Could this be a possibility? I hope not….

    2. Or what if they are the ones buying up bitcoin big time in order to be able to dump n crash it just after it becomes fashionable and then market their own centralized Crypto to the masses as an alternative?

    3. Dave Dave I’ve thought about the possibility of a secret backdoor code also, but I don’t code so hopefully someone who does comes along and sees this post.

  3. looking like an A.I in this vid. How is it that all the establishment, bought out, & sold out media are all talking about B. Coin now? If it was so anti-establishment the biggest propaganda broadcaster in Canada would not be even talking about it. Thats how it goes here- if it is a real threat it is not mentioned.&If it is mentioned it is portrayed in a bad light- this is not how it is with B.Coin now they are pretty much promoting it. I cannot think of one single anti-estab movement that has NOT been infiltrated.

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