Happy Crypto New Year from The Dollar Vigilante!

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28 thoughts on “Happy Crypto New Year from The Dollar Vigilante!

  1. Jeff, please look into Decred. DAO, proposal system, privacy, LN integration, mobile wallets, hardware wallets and more coming in 2018. It’s like DASH but far better, IMO. Very under the radar right now because the devs are busy coding rather than hyping. More decentralized, much lower barrier entry to participate in governance. Very innovative devs. I think it will compete with Monero in terms of privacy (just my speculation, the feature hasn’t been released yet). In the future it will likely be possible to build sub-DAOs on top of Decred using Decred’s own governance infrastructure, which is very exciting from an ancap point of view.

    1. Awesome! If you have around 80 DCR (or more) make sure you buy a ticket (i.e. stake) in the official wallet. The returns are roughly 20%/year. You get to take part in governance as well. In the future it will be possible to buy a fraction of a ticket, so you’ll be able to stake with smaller amounts.

  2. I like how brave you are! DeepOnion is giving people’s privacy back! because it uses the TOR network, it is safe, total privacy from its feature DeepSend! As you know many people will be buying this coin because they don’t want to be controlled by the government to track their personal finances! DepOnion is here to stay. It would awesome if you make a Youtube video talking about DeepOnion, its price still very cheap $7 per coin I bet this price will go up about $30 within few more months! I know most of your videos are about freedom, privacy, anonymity and empowering the people, to make them free from controllers!

  3. Jeff, your work is just amazing, keep going, keep pushing, don’t be afraid of anything and nobody, WE are all here with you. Love, peace, anarchy and freedom. S & L

  4. Happy New Year to you Dollar Vigilante. Nice video to kick off the year with. Bitcoin, Ethereum really killed it in 2017. I know that 2018 will be even better. Sure we might have some dips, but its all the way up from here. I will continue to HODL my ETH and will be adding privacy coins in particular. DeepOnion is looking like a hot coin for 2018 onwards. They got something called DeepSend coming, the long awaited whitepaper and I believe wallets for iOS and Android. Too many privacy coins already have their features priced in, but DeepOnion is still undervalued. Wishing you and all your subscribers a great year. Let’s catch up on your next video.

  5. whats your thoughts on bitcoin cash, from my recent research it seems to me its following more of the original version of bitcoin, i also read that the lightning network will make bitcoin more centralized due to its hubs that process payment through there channels.

  6. I would really appreciate it if you could shed some insight on crypto and taxes e.g. what the tax law says for the United States and how we can pay out as little as possible. Do I need to get a foreign bank account or what? Thank you for your work I’m considering joining your team. Have a great year. Looking forward to more of your videos.

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