Has A Uranium Bull Market Begun – An Interview with Collin Kettell of Palisade Global

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Jeff interviews Collin Kettell of Palisade Global and Palisade Radio, topics include: catching the bottom of the uranium market, a uranium market overview, the growth in nuclear power, a small number of company, the cost of uranium is not an important factor for a power plant, the demand for uranium does not drop even with large price increases, the recent performance of key uranium stocks, Collin to speak on uranium at the upcoming TDV Internationalization and Investment Summit, Collin names some very promising companies that are yet to really move, massive multibagger potential in key uranium stocks.

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34 thoughts on “Has A Uranium Bull Market Begun – An Interview with Collin Kettell of Palisade Global

  1. Kiss nuclear power good bye if this is for real I’m all in silver.
    Brilliant Light Power has developed a new commercially competitive,
    non-polluting, plasma-based primary source of massive power from the
    conversion of hydrogen atoms of water molecules to dark matter, the
    previously unidentified matter that makes up most of the mass of the
    universe. The SunCell®

    1. People been talking this alternative energy stuff for decades and nothing
      ever comes of it. Similarly the same people always talking about an
      economic collapse and reset and nothing ever comes of it.

    2. They’ve raised millions in funding but not produced anything that works

      They’ve also had patents refused/rescinded because the physics don’t compute

      At this stage it’s just more cheap energy BS

  2. Is there still an economic reset coming soon? Won’t uranium stocks go down
    with it? Why do Rick Rule and Marin Katusa say wait until summer to buy
    uranium stocks?

    1. Uranium stocks have been beaten down for 8+ years. To protect against an
      economic reset, you want to hold companies that produce tangible materials
      (i.e. uranium, oil, zinc, lithium, gold, silver, etc..). Stay away from
      debt instruments (i.e. bonds) and financials. For example, Uranium
      Resources’ (URRE) share price was $1600 US per share in 2008, and is now
      around $2.50 (good deal, no?). You’ll be extremely happy in 3-5 years.

  3. Huh – depleted Uranium shells, Fuel Rods, and of course enriched – it can
    make weapons grade U-235 (or Pu-239) – far more useful than packets pulsing
    through the dark web. A dirty bomb could also be made from the stuff. More
    uses – more real-world value.

    1. Thanks for the support, Mike. You’d think Berwick would think about the
      income cost for all of this negative publicity. He owes me about $11k.
      That’s a small price to pay to work at repairing his reputation and to stop
      me from letting the entire libertarian/anarchist community know that he
      promotes a contractual society but won’t abide by his very own contracts.

    2. Thanks for the heads-up. I just commented on the post. I plan on releasing
      the kraken in a couple weeks. Berwick is going to feel the heat if I don’t
      get a resolution before then.

    1. +victorcauley Look up the vid bro, Nagasaki and Hiroshima don’t have any
      radiation now and the cities are filled with people. It’s very possible
      that they have been bombed by multiple bombs.

    2. +ilikemichaeldaily​​​​​ Not gonna lie I didn’t watch not even 5 mins of the
      vid. That dude is not liable and that’s leaving out his physical
      appearance. If grenades, homemade, and ballistic bombs can be made than I
      one hundred percent without doubt know that nukes can be made, and used.
      Who cares about radiation; it was already known that people would be able
      to go back one day anyways. Why would this be used to scare people? War
      itself scares people. All I’m saying why would would Russia prepare nukes
      for our country, then news channels here report that Russia may try and
      start a nuclear war? That would make no sense because if “Nukes” were
      “fake” and were made up to scare people, why would Russia help it’s enemy
      to scare it’s people? With all the technology advances in the world today,
      and ground breaking discoveries in short amounts of time when they weren’t
      expected to be breakthroughs for decades, but Nukes are fake and made up.
      This conversation really means nothing to me without me saying this to you.
      Jesus is the Lord and Savior of this world. Hopefully you already believe
      and you read the Holy Bible, but if you don’t accept him and your personal
      Savior and repent of your sins and you will be given eternal life in Heaven
      with our Heavenly Father.

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