Has Bitcoin Bottomed at This Key Level?

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Bitcoin holds an important level on the charts – but could this really be the bottom? We explain.

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39 thoughts on “Has Bitcoin Bottomed at This Key Level?

    1. +i 1010110 thats what i thot to but i thot we gona see bulish patern to 6k till like febrauary where bakkt is aproved and then institunional money starts geting in and btc slowly over the year goes above 10k slow and steady entering a 10 year bull market

    1. Or this was wave 4, nobody knows. My issue with the elliot waves is that they don’t factor in events. We will have Bakkt and an ETF announcement in February 2019 and this will have a positive or negative impact. When we are still in wave 3, why this upward movement of almost 50% and when this is wave 4, how long is it?

  1. yur talking a lot of BS lately imo, the fact that btc is moving up is caused by shortsellers being at an ATH…and also, those people that want to sell and get out, ofcourse there are such people but they are a minority…you should drink some alcohol and chill out! 😉

  2. Well my theory years ago is coming to past. I told many people that once we have a start to a Wall Street correction Bitcoin will run contrary and we are finally seeing it now. I knew this was going to happen. A flight of capital is getting ready to hedge against a stock market crisis and that money is getting ready to shift over to the crypto markets, watch. We have gone up over 40 Billion in just a few days and this is not even institutional monies. This has to be mom and pop monies. They are fomoing into the fear of missing the lows on Bitcoin . Keep in mind also that with Bakkt, Fidelity Investments, Nasdaq and now IV League universities placing some of their endowment monies into crypto this will all fuel the next correction in the Bitcoin markets. Too many valuable things like the Lightning Network as well will also help to make the digital currency markets explode in 2019 and 2020.

    1. +Notorious544d If your smart you will. Bitcoin has out performed the Dow, S&P and the Nasdaq. You have to be out of your mind not to see the writing on the wall. Unbelievable!

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